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Broadcaster’s smuggling challenge LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 16:26, the Holy Bible). 

WHO IS LYING ON RICE SMUGGLING? I don’t know if Deputy Customs Commissioner Danny Lim, a retired AFP brigadier general, realized it but, in his interview with Ted Failon of ABS CBN DZMM on Thursday, April 25, 2013, the broadcaster virtually branded him, Lim, a liar on the issue of some 600,000 sacks of rice having been smuggled into the Cebu City port.

How did this happen? Well, Failon was interviewing Lim as the customs executive was at the Cebu City port to look into how the 600,000 sacks of rice managed to be slipped into the port, when Failon asked Lim: did you already conduct an investigation into the 2011-2012 importations of rice made by the people in whose names the 600,000 sacks of smuggled rice were consigned?

Lim answered yes, he did. Failon asked: did you find anything anomalous in the 2011-2012 importations? Lim said he did not, adding he found the importations for those years to be in order. Failon, evidently shocked by that answer, gave this reply: “please give me the documents of importations you looked into, and I am sure I can show you anomalies”. All that Lim could muster is a weak yes, he will show Ted the documents. 

BROADCASTER’S CUSTOMS CHALLENGE: The question here is, if Failon, who is not an employee or an official of the Bureau of Customs, can confidently say that there are anomalies in the 2011-2012 importations of the people who are being said to be responsible for the importation of the 600,000 sacks of rice at present, can Danny Lim truthfully say that there are no anomalies in those importations?

There is something totally wrong here, and Failon’s challenge for him to be shown the documents to prove there were anomalies in the 2011-2012 importations of rice is actually branding Lim and other customs officials, including Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, who are claiming there are no such anomalies, as liars. This gives rise to yet another question: why can’t top customs officials see the anomalies that a broadcaster can see?
And then again, why is the Bureau of Customs silent about Failon’s public accusations that some of those involved in bringing in the 600,000 sacks of rice at the Cebu City port maybe prompted to “stage a revolution” and “come out to talk” about this incident because “the matter is already settled even before the rice arrived in the Philippines”?

ASK PNOY ABOUT RP SMUGGLING: Indeed, for some people to have the boldness to smuggle some 600,000 sacks of rice into the country, which should be worth about P1.2 billion if sold at P2,000 per sack, they must be very sure that they could pull off the caper and would not be molested  not only by the Bureau of Customs but the entire government as well.

Surely, one does not buy from abroad 600,000 sacks of rice and bring them into the Philippines if he or she had not been earlier given an assurance that he or she could indeed bring in the rice, and then sell it here. Even if each sack of that rice was bought at only P500 per, that would still cost some P300,000,000.00. This is quite a huge amount to spend, and anyone who has that money will not just proceed to spend it without any hope of recovering it somehow.

So, where will this end? The answer is, we better ask President Aquino. As the most powerful Filipino in the Philippines, only the President will have the capacity to know how rice smuggling is being carried out, who are responsible for it, and who among the government officials tasked to prevent the smuggling of rice and other commodities are part of the game.

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