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KAKAMPI MO ANG BATAS By Atty. Batas Mauricio


Smartmatic: How did
it do in Venezuela?

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people… Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones…” (Romans 1:18, 26, the Holy Bible).


PRAYERS FOR CHARICE AND HER MOTHER: Indeed, it is very sad to see a mother and a daughter, like Charice Pempengco and Raquel, quarreling with one another over the issue of the daughter being a lesbian and choosing to live out her lesbian tendencies by living in or entering into an intimate relationship with another woman. It is sad because nothing good is going to come out anyway of any such quarrel or bickering, especially when done in public.

What Charice and Raquel must do now is pray, and pray some more, and ask God’s will in all these. It would do well for them to start reading the Bible, and seek  spiritual guidance from its verses as to how they should proceed. They must try to find out what the Bible says about lesbianism, if any, or what must be done when any woman finds out that she is a lesbian. No human being can help them sort things out at this point. Only God can help them now.


LESBIANITY AND GOD’S WILL: Charice, of course, may not be faulted for her being a lesbian. But, she must try to ask herself if being a lesbian, and doing the things that lesbians normally do like having a relationship, physical or even merely emotional, with another woman, is in accordance with God’s will, or with the doctrines espoused by the spiritual group that she is affiliated with right now, if any.
Charice must try to determine if giving in to her lesbian desires or tendencies  will please God or not. In fact, Charice must try to establish now whether she believes in God at all or not, and then choose whether she will obey God or disobey Him, insofar as what He says about lesbianism in His Holy Book, the Bible, is concerned.


SMARTMATIC: HOW DID IT DO IN VENEZUELA? I don’t know if Smartmatic Inc. was telling the truth when it said that the recently-concluded elections last May 13, 2013 was a success, in the light of the still unresolved questions about the election results having been tampered with. What I want Smartmatic Inc. to do, however, is to tell the Filipino people if it can claim the same successful poll result for Venezuela, the only other country which used its computerized election system.

I am sure that if Smartmatic can claim that the Venezuelan election where its system was first used proved to be a success, then we can really believe its claim of success for the May 13, 2013 elections in the Philippines. Now, can Smartmatic present the election officials of Venezuela to talk about what happened in that country when it used the Smartmatic system of automated elections?


ARE METRO MANILANS SAFE VS. EARTHQUAKE? ABS CBN news anchors Ted Failon and Noli De Castro caused a lot of their listeners to tremble with fear over a news item on Wednesday, June 05, 2013, which cited a United Nations report saying that 20% of Metro Manila will be destroyed if a strong earthquake, one that is expected to occur once in every 250 years, will hit the National Capital Region. The report projected the impression that the earthquake will happen, and that there is nothing anyone could do to stop it.

In fact, both Failon and De Castro talked about the state of readiness of Metro Manila for an earthquake of this magnitude, especially among the residents and users of high rise condominiums which have mushroomed all over the metropolis over the last few years. Indeed, are Metro Manilans safe if and when the dreaded earthquake strikes, God forbid?


CHINA’S ACT OF WAR VS. RP: If China has not stopped sending war boats and armed soldiers in the West Philippine Sea, despite the protests and the United Nations case that the Philippines had been pursuing lately, this could only mean that China has already trampled upon our sovereignty as a free country, and, even without a single shot being fired by it, has already declared war against us. Why have we remained silent all along? Does this mean that the Philippines is not willing to fight for what is rightfully ours?


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