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One More for Cong Celso


Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Hey, folks, took note of it today? Sent in by an anonymous texter, this column now bears a different name - “Snipe Swipes”.

From the many suggestions received, this was our selection for two chief reasons.

First, true to form it relates to the desired peculiarity of written pieces here, like following the commander’s (Wife Lily’s) dictum, to change writing mode from the previous fiery-worded blasts to one with a gentle touch and a mild-mannered tone but still characterized by the same old sting, comparable radio’s Canionaso, now aired over RMN-Zamboanga.

Secondly, it bears the initials “SS”. So, now whenever “SS” appears, it would mislead no one for its can stand for both Snipe Swipes (S) and Swiping Sniper (SS), the writer. See the points?

Have a great reading day, folks.

X x x x X

Double Barrel Reloaded (DBR) in Zamboanga City is in full swing, as four persons were again arrested, while one managed escape in separate operations here. Nabbed were Gafur Inggo, 54; Elmer Giumpit, 22; Sheryl Angeles, alias Pepay, 28; and, Glenn Guerrero, 20.

Inggo was arrested in a drug bust around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday in the village of Tulungatung while Giumpit was arrested around 7:35 p.m. Thursday along Campaner Street in the village of Zone 3. Giumpit’s companion, Tahir Alnijar, 33, eluded arrest as he fled upon sensing the presence of undercover policemen. In a separate operation, Angeles was arrested around 9:30 p.m. Thursday at Sitio Bataan in the village of Vitali while Guerrero was apprehended around 11 p.m. at Sitio Taloptap also in the said village. Confiscated from the suspects’ possessions were sachets of suspected shabu, marked money, and illegal drug paraphernalia. All suspects are detained prior to the filing of charges against them.

X x x x X

Police advisory councils in the country have tremendous tasks ahead in forging strong partnership with the different stakeholders to “bring the police closer to the people.” Speaking before the participants to the regional summit, Police Chief Superintendent Ramon Apolinario, deputy director general for operations, said the advisory council members have “the important role in providing a balanced outlook.” Some sectors critical to President Rodrigo Duterte’s take on war on drugs largely put the blame on the PNP for controversial implementations of the Oplan Double Barrel. "Tokhang," short for "Toktok-Hangyo" (knock and plead)

Apolinario told members of the advisory council that they are “the best asset of the PNP.”

The 1st Regional Advisory Council Summit was held March 15-16 in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, with some 500 members of the different advisory councils in Zampen in attendance.

X x x x X

This matter is indeed of immediate concern by our local authorities, as the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center (ZCRC) warden J/Chief Inspector Ervin Diaz threatened to stop accepting inmates to avoid health and security risks brought about by highly congested jail cells.

Diaz is moving to inform Regional Trial Court Executive Judge Gregorio dela Peña about his plan once the inmates number reach the absolute limit of 2,500.

ZCJ has a current population of already 2,414 male detainees living inside 23 regular cells and two isolation cells.

2,414? That’s a measly 16 heads to go. With the arrest of drug dealers unending, and with court proceedings speeded, the scanty remaining slots  could easily be filled in a day or two. This must immediately be attended to.

As designed, the facility was constructed with a maximum capacity of only 800 detainees, with each cell having 90 to 100 inmates.

Inmates who are not accommodated inside the cells are sleeping at the lobby and the basketball court, a situation which pose security risks.

There is to our recollection a standing valid request of ZCRC officials for the city government to grant them use of the idle city-owned detention facility in San Ramon that was built to house the MNLF captives of the 2013 siege, who have long been transferred to Manila. That would be an excellent addition to unburden the inmates, and serve as subtraction to the jail woes.

Why are our officials sitting on it? That’s the ultimate solution for the moment, and a very legitimate request. Say you, folk? Move it.

X x x x X

This is one happening, a brazen one, equated much to the guts of Roby, the Cat - the character Stewart Granger played in a movie SS saw when he was in grade 3 - “To catch a thief.”

Donning a bonnet to conceal his identity in a mid-west coast village, a man on Tuesday, barged in a residence, and unabashedly succeeded to rape a 14-year old girl, and soon after hurriedly left the place boldly to safety.

At writing time, the perpetrator remains unknown.

Only in the movies, hugh? That’s a Roby, copycat.

X x x x X

Dist. 1 Cong. Celso L. Lobregat scores one more. Nearing approval of a bill extending additional P4,000 a month to barangay health workers, his other worthy bill creating four additional Regional Trial Courts in this City has been approved on the committee level.

In his sponsorship speech, Lobregat cited the 6,231 backlog of cases in the RTC Branches.

Cong. Lobregat also stressed that no less than Associate Justice Presberito Velasco said that the only way to expedite case processing and adjudication is to give each judge a manageable load of 300 cases.

At present, out of the 10 RTCs here, two (2) are not yet fully organized and another two (2) have yet to be filled with judges. But even if all 10 RTC branches will be operational, with the 6,231 backlog of cases, the average case load for each RTC branch would be 623 cases, double the manageable case load Velasco cited.

X x x x X

It is normal that in most armed encounters, innocent civilians fall victims in crossfires, and as the armed encounters between Wesmincom and  terrorist forces are in far-flung Basilan and Sulu victims pitifully belong to the latter’s own tribes of Muslim origin. They should then take cue from this recent incident, and take pity on civilians.

Tke heed on this instance. Maj. Gen. Carlito Galvez, Chief of the Western Mindanao Command (WesMinCom) has apologized to the family of two minors, one was killed while the other wounded, during an encounter of government troops against the Abu Sayyaf in Tapiantana, Tabuan Lasa, Basilan Province, last March 8, 2017.

Galvez said, the encounter was a legitimate operation by the government troops who met an overwhelming resistance from the bandits in the area.

“We are deeply sorry for the loss of the child, that is why we apologize to the family. We will assist the other child in the medication in the hospital,” Galvez said.

The Wesmincom chief personally visited the wounded child at the hospital, and requested the transfer of the child to the Camp Navarro General Hospital.

In the operation, ASG leader Mubin Kulin alias Mulawin was killed.

See? Not even one of the terrorists’ ethnic origin, Galvez is taking pity on the civilian. Brother tribesmen should do likewise. Stop their shenanigans, lest more of Muslim civilians suffer.

This one here is more like it. Learn. Jacob Palao, 56 and 126 other MILF combatants returned to the folds of the law, in the process receiving assistance from government in Camp Darapanan, an MILF base.

The aid package included plows, other farm implements and farm animals.

Wiping tears, Palao said, “At my age, I never expected that carrying guns in the name of the struggle would end… (and)… “Instead, I will be using plows and carabaos as I farm.”

X x x x X

The agreement on a bilateral ceasefire is expected to be on top of the agenda of the set Netherland talks.

And such ceasefire, Pres. Duterte said “… must be reduced into writing and the parameters clearly shown (as to where) we should be going and what we should do if it fails,” the President said

X x x x X

This is exactly the tenor of what  SS wrote yesterday on the issude - The Philippines on Friday accused the European Parliament of interfering in the country’s judicial processes after it passed a resolution urging the government to free Senator Leila de Lima, who is being tried on drug trafficking charges.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) declared the move “… casts aspersion on Philippine legal processes, its judicial system and the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution to uphold and protect the rights of all individuals.”

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