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ZABIDA: Shared Territory, Shared Home


The Zamboanga Basilan Integrated Development Alliance (ZABIDA), a consortium of committed and active partners for peace and development in Zamboanga City and Basilan province convened its staff in a three-day seminar workshop geared towards program contextualization, mainstreaming and management training at Solidarity Center, RT Lim  Boulevard, Zamboanga City on May 25-27, 2011.

It is a consortium that includes Katilingban para sa Kalambuan Inc. (KKI), Western Mindanao State University-Reach Out to Others Foundation (WMSU-ROOF), Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ) and Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. (NFI).

Ms. Espie Hupida, Regional Technical Coordinator of ZABIDA disclosed that there is a need  for “more positive changes in vulnerable sectors” which is the consortiums priority especially in addressing community-based services for both rural and urban.

Program Staff will undergo series of formation sessions that highlights an objective of clearly understanding and deepening the various programs that each partners had been implementing for the past four years and eventually craft strategies that will address the following issues and mainstreaming it in the various programs that includes poverty reduction, gender equality and cultural integrity.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF, Consortiums Regional Manager shared a session on understanding poverty and how it links to the various peace and development frameworks. Moreover, Ms. Maisie Faith Dagapioso, Project Coordinator of KKI strengthened Gender Analysis through deepening one’s personal grasp of how gender issues play its roles. Also, Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, WMSU President presented a Cultural Integration Perspective into Mindanao’s Peace and Development work.

As ZABIDA envisions a society where human security is addressed, it targets a more meaningful implementation of its programs bringing back the power to the vulnerable sectors and individuals capable of bringing about change to one’s own life.

According to Ms. Arweda B. Jalilul, PAZ Peace Education Coordinator, “being a development worker, challenges serve as inspirations for us to conquer and eventually make a big difference to the lives of people”.

Dr. Samuel Tan emphasized that “only blood, tears, deaths recorded in the memories of the Muslim and Christian Communities”. Out of this frustration, deprivation, dehumanization and deindividuation, Mindanao can still be the land of promise if the whole of it will be better understood. As a guiding principle for all, it is a “Shared Territory, Shared Home”, Mindanao’s situation is ZABIDAs intervention and guiding principle in its peace and development works as well. 

The role of the emerging civil society organizations uses various entry points to synergize efforts involving community participation in the affairs of the society. In this mechanism, several societal divides can be eradicated and properly managed.

ZABIDA hold the management training grounded on program implementation, monitoring and evaluation that flourishes approaches for health, peace and governance, ecology, gender and other development works. Moreover, it emphasizes the role of each staff not just as managers but leaders who are capable of providing outcome developmental results.

NGO’s does not have to focus on relief services but development where empowerment of people is given much attention. It en able them to provide another understanding that the peace partners can sustain the development works that NGOs provides and be able to link other sectors of the community in other affairs.

Mr. Dicky Limbaga, ZABIDA Board Member strengthens monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for consortiums partners’ accountability and responsibility. After the four years CONVENIO experience, ZABIDA is geared now towards another journey and life within the next three years.

By Aldrin B. Abdurahim

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