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Batch ’87 Silver in 2012

The alumni reunion of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School (ZCHHS) Batch ‘87 Silver Jubilarians this November 2012 during the 93rd ZCHHS Foundation and 34th Annual Grand Alumni Homecoming was truly a very gladsome homecoming for all, some of whom had to fly from overseas to rejoin and rejoice with everyone.

There was never a dull moment, for the mingling of the sweet memories of the past and the thrilling moments of the present, were the sugar and spice that made the weeklong fellowship superbly memorable and strikingly nice to bring home and keep.

Those who came for the event were Emily Chan-Onglingchuan and Rosel Amantillo-Leung, who are now based in Australia and U.K respectively; Margaret Lim-Yu, Lisa Ross Eustaquio-Castellano, Erlinda Yong-Lim, Vivian Tan-Cue, Evelyn Midel-Binondo, Jerry Montuno, David Tiu, Sandy Wee and Maria Jesusa “Marichu” Macrohon-Regino, Batch ’87 Manila Chapter; Sandra Tomboc-Hu, Prince To and Gil Chiong, who are based in Cebu City; Kenneth Ko, who is based in Davao City;  Annely Yulangco-Yaokasin, who is based in Tacloban City; Patrick Wee, who is based in Pagadian City; Arman and Andrew Indoso, who are based in Jolo, Sulu; and Dioeng Tadus, who is now based in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

We all had fun. We simply jazzed up our jeans and jammed our way momentarily throwing everything to the four winds to enjoy, and to keep later as gifts wrapped for ourselves to take home as souvenirs of the heart.

It was not all parties; Batch ’87 had a medical screening for the faculty and facilitated the administration of 200 flu vaccines in coordination with the DOH-Center for Health Development Zamboanga Peninsula. Other services made available include foot detox and bone scan among others. The attending physicians were silver jubilarians Dr. Janna Castillo-Pichel and Dr. Anthony Chan. Dr. Roger Fernandez, Dr. Ana Victoria Cabahug and Dr. Dionisio Apolinario also joined the health team.

Here are the activities during the week-long Chong Hua celebration.

Teachers’ Night: Batch ’87 chose to highlight their Silver Jubilee by spending a night with their teachers. This was held in Sapphire Ballroom, Grand Astoria Hotel.

The teachers who graced the affair were Jaime Pioquinto, Maria Louella Salvador, Ricardo Garcia, Pilar Montano, Agustina Chiong, Florencia Arcillas, Leonora Alvarez, Remedios Francisco, Norma Francisco, Josefina Tan, Jessica Jalon, Corazon Salvador, Josefina Duncombe, Lolita Wee, Salustiana Katigbak, Teresita Co, Josefina Luan, Luisa Lua, Teresita Wongtick, Pei Eng Wee, Teresita Ang, Dolores Go, Helen Co, Rosalia Camins, Lourdes Sing, Hassan Hairun, Carmencita Quidilla and the Assistant School Principal Mr. Songbin Wu.

To the Silver Jubilarians the reunion was in some way nostalgic because somehow we did remember that we owe partly what we are now to our teachers. Our teachers also took time to recall the students who also had owned a nook in their hearts.

Special awardees during the teachers’ night were as follows: Agustina Chiong “Best Smile”, Lourdes Sing “Fashion Icon” and Dolores Go “Eye Catcher of the Night”.

Family Night: At the Garden Orchid Hotel where families joined the jubilee – husband, wife and children, siblings and cousins of the jubilarians composed a constellation of happy hearts.

There were fun games for all ages. The children were treated with a Magical Show featuring JB the Magician, which was made possible by silver jubilarians Geraldine Lim-Tubio, Joel Uy and Kengchay Lao. It turned out a night of merry making and sharing instantly making the Garden Deck a market of joy.

Honoree Night: The November night for the honorees was a starry night because it was planned to be the night of stars.

Our honorees were Batch ’87 Silver, Batch ’62 Golden, Batch ’52 Diamond, Batch ’57 Emerald, Batch ’67 Sapphire, Batch ’72 Ruby, Batch ’77 Coral, Batch ’82 Pearl.

Lauriat Night: The lauriat night with the theme “Jazz Up Your Jeans” was appropriately held at the Chong Hua Ground. Batch ’87 performed a spectacular dance presentation to the tune of the 80’s hits to the current favorite danceable tunes. Big prizes were also raffled off that night.

Everyone did not only enjoy the lauriat servings, we also relished the stories we shared about the moments we spent in the halls of our Alma Mater. We felt so good to be back to our beloved Chong Hua.

Fellowship Night: The Astoria Regency where we held our Fellowship night was filled to the brim with happy hearts in spite of the knowledge that the night was the last lap of our Jubilee. And so we have to make the most of our last moments; a photo booth was provided by silver jubilarian Rafael Yu of Olympio Studio to capture the candid moments of the honorees.

The silver jubilarians opened the night with a bang. A music video to the tune of Gangnam Style featuring the silver jubilarians was showed on the wide screen before they sashayed on stage like Hollywood super models. They made a mark in the history of the ZCHHS Annual Alumni Homecoming Fellowship Night Celebration when they paraded in their formal attire using denim fabric; this was conceptualized by silver jubilarian Federico Navarro, one of Zamboanga’s Top Fashion Designers.

It was also a night of talent exhibition as the Batch ’87 Idols composed of Fr. Jeffrey Leh Taib, Jude Fernandez, Federico Navarro, Jordy Midel and Jeffrey Chiong performed on stage. This was followed by a combined modeling and dance number by the Batch ’87 Manila Chapter. The fellowship night was hosted by Corinne Cheong and silver jubilarian Kengchay Lao.

Election of Officers: There was a need to elect a new set of officers. They would be the ones to do the numberless tasks to make the next jubilee successful, which would be another weeklong celebration in 2017 as Batch ’87 celebrates their Pearl Jubilee.

The newly elected officers are Jordy Midel Over-all Chairperson; Jude Fernandez Over-all Vice Chairperson; Anabella Santiago-Balismon Secretariat Committee Chairperson, Geraldine Lim-Tubio, Rosalie Chua-Enriquez and Kenneth Chua Members; Alvin Lim Projects and Events Committee Chairperson, Joel Uy, Federico Navarro and Kengchay Lao Members; Francisco Cheong Finance Committee Chairperson, Jacqueline Ho-Yeo, Andrew and Arman Indoso Members; Ma. Jesusa “Marichu” Macrohon-Regino Luzon Coordinator; Prince To Visayas Coordinator; Emily Chan-Onglingchuan International Coordinator; Fr. Jeffrey Leh Taib, Jeffrey Chiong, Alice Quan-Chiong, Evelyn Amik, Lynn Lim-Sy, Margaret Lim-Yu and Andrew Levi Chan Board of Directors. 

Epilogue: Because the Batch ’87 Silver Jubilee was like a fantabulous ecstatic long play, an epilogue might be in place and the artist to receive the accolades is the Over-all Chairperson Fr. Jeffrey Leh Taib. Fr.  Taib directed the long play for years, months and weeks. His patience and passion for success is simply amazing; laurels to Fr. Taib.

The supporting casts without whose enthusiasm the Silver Jubilee’s ecstacies would not have been possible were the following:  Jeffrey Chiong Over-all Vice Chairperson; Alice Quan-Chiong Secretariat Committee Chairperson, Jude Fernandez, Rafael Yu and Marigold Enriquez Members; Evelyn Amik Projects and Events Committee Chairperson, Joel Uy, Geraldine Lim-Tubio and Evelyn Midel-Binondo Members; Lynn Lim-Sy Finance Committee Chairperson, Kenneth Chua, Anabella Santigao-Balismon and Andrew Indoso Members; Ma. Jesusa “Marichu” Macrohon-Regino Luzon Coordinator; Jordy Midel, Andrew Levi Chan and Alfred Chan Board of Directors; Alvin Lim, Federico Navarro, Kengchay Lao, Richard delas Penas, Dennis Te, Jacqueline Ho-Yeo and Vivian Yeo-Lim Volunteers. 

Special thanks to the following silver jubilarians: Federico Navarro for the Jazz Up Your Jeans Concept, Vivian Tan-Cue for the Batch ’87 Shirt,  Dj Adil Amilbangsa for the Batch ’87 Retroactive Mix,  Kenneth Chua for creating the Batch ’87 Facebook Group Account and Joy Lim-Galande for the hotel accommodation at Astoria Regency. 

The Batch ’87 silver jubilarians wishes to express their heartfelt thanks to the event suppliers as follows: Event Coordinators Marlo Luna and staff, Al and Sam and staff; Lights and Sounds Sure Audio Mobile System by Donjie and Joan; Choreographer Robert Bondok and his assistant Leobert Latigay; Stage Designer Gerry Atilano; Videography Trebor Z Audiovisuals by Robert Zapata and staff; Photography Olympio Studio; Masters of Ceremony Corinne Cheong, JR Silva, Jill Santiago-Lim, Noel Navarro and Kengchay Lao; and Jazz Up Attire by Federico Navarro Clothes Shop and 25th Avenue.

To the Officers and Members of the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School Alumni Association (ZCHHSAA) and ZCHHSAA President Ronald Wee, we will truly remember this beautiful November of our life.

By Kench S. Lao


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