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Partnering against terror


Philippines, the country with the first and largestChristian population in Asia and Indonesia, the largest Muslim population inthe world, have come to terms in battling terrorism within their respectiveterritories and common boundaries.

These is not actually strange. The two most viciousterrorist clones of Al Qaeda, the Jemaah Islamiyah and Abu Sayyaf Guerillashave wrought havoc in the both countries accounting for the deaths of hundredsof innocent civilians and wrecking billions worth of properties. What cannot beaccounted still but created a serious repercussions on both nations are theopportunities lost to the next generations as investments and capitalists fledthe areas where these irreverent and ideologically-bereft terror groupsoperate.

While the JI and ASG purport to be Islamicfundamentalists there is absolutely nothing Islamic in their brutish quests toestablish a pan-Islamic community of nations. After the World Trade Center bombingin New York City which crumpled to dust along with nearly 3,000 innocentcivilians after two hijacked commercial planes were rammed in the twin towersIndonesia came next when terrorists exploded bombs in popular touristsdestination – Bali. But with Indonesia, that terrorist incidents in Bali didnot end there. The series of attacks on Indonesia victimized more innocentMuslim civilians. So severe were the aftermaths of these bombing incidents byAl Qaeda elements that the authority upgraded its intelligence apparatus toaddress the growing threats and menace that the terrorist groups have exactedon the country.

The movement of the terrorist elements could be moreconstricted if only Malaysia join Philippines and Indonesia in the cooperativeendeavor of securing border security and sharing of intelligence and campaignagainst the terrorist groups. Anyway, the arena of terrorist elements in theSouthwestern Philippines had become too small and their paths of escape toonarrow. It may take a little time to eliminate them with only Indonesia and thePhilippines. Quicker, if Malaysia joins the campaign. Just the same, Al Qaedaand its clones will follow the way of its founder.

by Menardo Wenceslao

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