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Beng Climaco could be the lone suvivor if


The political situation in Zamboanga City appears very cloudy as far as the local administration is concerned.

With the declaration of Nonong Jalosjos that he is running for Mayor in 2013 election the administration of Mayor Celso Lobregat nervously reacted, rattled and confused.

Congressman Erbie Fabian was eventually set aside who is one of the so called "Triumvirate" which is erroneously used because the meaning of the word triumvirate is any group of 3 men in power.

With the break up of the triumvirate only 2 political figures under the local administration remained in power and they are Mayor Celso Lobregat and Congresswoman Beng Climaco because Congressman Fabian who is considered a weak candidate for mayor according to the party in power does not enjoy the blessings of the local administration anymore.

The formula is correct with Beng Climaco for mayor, Celso Lobregat and Jomar Lobregat for representatives for the 1st and 2nd districts, respectively inorder that Zamboanga City will continue to remain in the hands of the Lobregats and not in the hands of the people.

The intention is to further strengthen the influence of the Lobregats with Beng Climaco being sacrificed to play her last card in politics that could be construed as a "political blunder".

If Beng commits a mistake in making a critical decision she might go down with the ship like the "Titanic" considered unsinkable but sunk in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting the icerbergs comparable to fighting a formidable opponent in 2013 election.

But if she makes a correct decision which is easy to make Beng could be the lone survivor under the Lobregat administration because if she runs for reelection in the 1st district on her last term in 2013 election Nonong Jalosjos will not put up any candidate to oppose her. SIMPLE AS THAT.

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