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Power wielders who refuse to give up the mace
Consider every critic a thorn in their necks
Casus belli for countless, tragic, untimely,
Mysterious and unsolved deaths
Like Dr. Ortega’s case 

This has always been the nature of evil
Since Lucifer revolted against God in heaven
Employing all kinds of tricks and snares
For the permanent possession and reign of Eden 

These wearers of the crown are camouflage artists
Always pretending to be saints in public places
Appearing so pure and innocent 
Before wakes of media men they ordered killed
Mechanically dumped or buried

This kind of savagery could befall on anybody
In any place, anytime, or any day
But more at high risk all the time
Is a chronicler who stands in the way   
Of Nero’s poetic dream of eternity

So always be alert
For even your e-mail could be hacked, bugged, blocked and aborted
They have a network so advanced that even the blackbird can’t decipher
Nor decode the conspiracy of sepulcher

This is the chilling predicament today
Hounding pens like me

In case this demonic plot is executed soon
Somewhere in the spoliarium are secret inscriptions
Of the masterminds and their minions
Feed them to all the networks of the world
For “no holds barred” exposition

Anyway, they too are marching to the catacombs
I’ll await them there with all the welcome honors
And their crowns of infernal thorns

By Clem M. Bascar

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