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You remember CCR 760
Which converted us to “Asia’s Latin City?”
That also changed all our ethnic identities
Our geography, history, and genealogies

There are no more Subanens, Tausogs, or Samas
Or migrants from Luzons and the Visayas
All of us have been legally baptized
As Latinos and Latinas

By law there are no more Zamboangueños
The original inhabitants of Jambangan
Which in English means, “Garden of Flowers”
According to our historians

As Latinos and Latinas
Our homeland is now Iberia
Not Zamboanga Peninsula
Our language is pure Latin considered long demised
Mother of the languages of romance

Legally we are all aliens now
Strangers to our own history, culture, and native land
This is something we can be proud of
And grateful to our makers of laws

So if you ask who the alien is
The answer is right in my own face
Not Romeo who is proud of his heritage-
The legendary and world renowned “City of Flowers”

By Clem M. Bascar

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