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Mampang road could be connected to Mercedes airport


The plan to connect the road from Mampang to Zambowood has been approved long time ago according to an insider at DPWH Regional Office.
However, like the proposed by-pass road from Culianan to Ayala it has been pending for so long a time due to lack of follow-up or interest on the part of local officials to have the projects implemented.

Similarly, the proposed transfer of the International Airport to Mercedes has been left out while other highly urbanized cities have already relocated their airports to a bigger and spacious areas.

Typical examples are the Iloilo City Airport that was transferred from Manduriao to Santa Barbara, Iloilo province;
The Cagayan de Oro City Airport to Landingan, Misamis Oriental and of course the expansion of Davao City International Airport that was undertaken several years ago including the General Santos City International Airport that was transferred to a hundred of hectares former cattle ranch area at Barangay Uhaw.

These important projects in Zamboanga City including the Integrated Bus Terminal could have been undertaken the past more than 20 years if only our local officials  are interested to introduce development in the city.

The Talon-Talon - Mampang Road could become a main thoroughfare to the Mercedes International Airport via Zambowood Barangay to the City proper which is very much nearer than passing thru the MCLL Highway.

This will trigger the development in Talon-Talon and Mampang barangays where the price of real state in these areas will also astronomically go up like in Divisoria and Boalan.

With this scenario we need local officials who are visionary, creative and with initiative and with strong political will like Nonong Jalosjos to introduce the much needed development in the city inorder to catch up with other highly urbanized cities that are continually developing while Zamboanga City is lagging behind.

by Rex Miravite

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