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If in the deepest recesses of your brains
You dream of becoming a king
Go ahead
Don’t be pushed by someone above, below, beside or behind
It only makes you appear
Like a blind waiting for another blind
To steer the van

The true king has a heart of a lion
A vision far, far beyond his nose
A mind that depends on no one else
Solomonic in perspective
Elizabethan in courage

The throne is not just a symbol of royalty
But more of public service and responsibility 
You don’t just reign for the grand tradition 
Of the monarchy
But also for the pauper, the unknown,
The famous, the weak, the mighty

Don’t aspire for the crown as a decoy
Only to be booted out later by the master of the allurement
For a quid pro quo written on the surface tension of the river

If you allow yourself to be a bait
You will not only lose your heritage of greatness
But also the essence of your humanity and spirit

You don’t need Moses’ cane to kill a snake
Or someone’s stone blocks to build a pyramid
Remember the blood of our greatest leader
Indisputably nonpareil
Flows uniquely in your veins
A legacy to be preserved and cherished forever

Never and never allow yourself to be a wooden duck
Or Prince Valiant made of wax
It’s a cheap political subterfuge
Glaringly for the interest of Carl Schurz

By Clem M. Bascar

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