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Believe not all these early alliances
Alignments and pronouncements
At most they serve as
Gambits and baits
To gain miles and miles of advantage

Pundits say that politics is better played by old hands
Not by rookies or cubs
Like the game of Chess
Employed are Sicilian, Baltic, and Scandinavian

The early epiphany of Delilah in the coliseum
Is for Samson to join the combat of gladiators
So his Waterloo is assured
Before he could use
His superhuman force

Beware of all kinds of attacks
From all fronts, sides, and lines
Land mines, booby traps, and IEDs are everywhere
Including blue teeth and infrared rays   
They might just in your face blow up
Fired from the sky parks

The feast of the Corsicans
Of late has become a season of scandals
Contrived, concocted, made-up, or real
Designed by illusionists of perfection
To prevent the unfolding of a Carthegean dawn

Take extra precaution
For any Juliet or Helen singing up for the octagon
She could just be a decoy
While Zeus watches with confidence in full
Via his one-way crystal ball
In the midst of frenzied preparations
For his traditional Victory Ball

So the dry spell and stagnation go on and on
Cushioned only by nocturnal attractions
And psychedelic leaks and spouts
From Mount Olympus

By Clem M. Bascar

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