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188 congressmen now on trial, too


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… and the truth shall make you free…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in John 8:32, the Holy Bible).

188 CONGRESSMEN NOW ON TRIAL, TOO: If anything at all, Chief Justice Renato Corona’s testimony before the impeachment court Tuesday, May 22, 2012, effectively turned the tables against the 188 congressmen who signed the impeachment complaint against him---now, it is these lawmakers who are on trial too, and they better be transparent on their dollar and peso accounts and their properties and transactions.

The challenge of Corona for them to sign their own waivers, to enable concerned government agencies to look into their wealth, should be easily taken up and complied with by the 188. All they have to do is to sign the waivers, and submit them to the government immediately. This is to let the Filipino people know the truth, for the truth shall make us all free in the fight against graft and corruption.

Otherwise, if the waivers are not signed, Corona would have proved beyond doubt that those who accused him of ill-gotten wealth and impeached him with effortless, if scandalous, ease, are themselves guilty of having unexplained riches and must themselves be criminally charged, prosecuted, and convicted of graft and corruption.

PARTIAL LIST OF 188 CONGRESSMEN WHO MUST SIGN THE WAIVERS: For the record, here are the 188 congressmen who have been asked by Corona to sign waivers:

1. Tupas, Niel Jr.; 2. Umali, Reynaldo; 3. Abaya, Joseph Emilio; 4. Del Rosario, Antonio; 5. Bag-ao, Arlene; 6. Teodoro, Marcelino; 7.
Castelo, Winston; 8. Arago, Maria Evita; 9. Golez, Roilo. 10. Lacson-Noel, Josephine Veronique;11. Cerilles, Aurora; 12. Calixto-Rubiano, Emi; 13. Bello, Walden; 14. Hataman-Salliman, Jim; 15. Catamco, Nancy; 16. Lanete, Scott Davies; 17. Valencia, Rodolfo; 18. Noel, Florencio;19. Mendoza, Mark; 20. Gatchalian, Rex; 21. Gonzales, Aurelio Jr.; 22. Ferrer, Jeffrey. 23. Fuentes, Daisy; 24. Yu, Victor; 25. Rodriguez, Isidro Jr.; 26. Angping, Zenaida; 27. Espina, Rogelio; 28. Ramos, Deogracias Jr.; 29. Cortuna, Julieta; 30. Zamora-Apsay, Maria Carmen; 31. Garay, Florencio; 32. Mercado, Roger; 33. Roman, Herminia; 34. Garin, Janette; 35. Gonzales, Neptali II. 36. De Venecia, Gina; 37. Cojuangco, Enrique; 38. Herrera-Dy, Bernadette; 39. Loong, Tupay; 40. Bernos, Ma. Jocelyn; 41. Sahidulla, Nur-ana; 42. Balindong, Pangalian; 43. Guanlao, Agapito; 44. Garcia Albano, Mylene; 45. Arenas, Ma. Rachel; 46. Cojuangco, Kimi; 7. Yap, Susan; 48. Go, Ana Cristina; 49. Alvarez, Antonio. 50. Tomawis, Acmad; 51. Ungab, Isidro; 52. Go, Arnulfo; 53. Magsaysay, Eulogio; 54. Sacdalan, Jesus; 55. Malapitan, Oscar; 56. Sakaluran, Raden; 57. Alvarez, Mercedes; 58. Benitez, Alfred; 59. Ferriol, Abigail Faye; 60. Treñas, Jerry; 61. Sarmiento, Mel Senen; 62. Joson, Josefina. 63. Fuentebella, Arnulfo; 64. Lapus, Jesi; 65. Olivarez, Edwin; 66. Gomez, Lucy; 67. Lopez, Carlo; 68. Mendoza, Joselito; 69. Cerafica, Arnel; 70. Climaco, Maria Isabelle; 71. Robes, Arturo; 72. Relampagos, Rene; 73. Apacible, Tomas; 74. Miraflores, Florencio; 75. Haresco, Teodorico; 76. Fortuno, Salvio. The complete list will be published by next issue, due to space limitations.

by Atty. Batas Mauricio

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