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Every ruler that holds the reins
Promises peace and brotherly co-existence
In kingdoms once the favorite fantasies
Of Caucasian adventurers

Talks of peace are a big- time commerce
Usually held in luxurious venues overseas
Far beyond the eyes and ears
Of the affected and de jure owners

These two disputed kingdoms as history reveals
Never fell under the sway of alien invaders
But they were sold without the knowledge and consent
Of their respective reigning kings

But might was the law of the time   
And the wrong was made to appear right
A spurious document of sale was crafted and signed
And the two kingdoms changed from one land grabber
To another

Unable to bear this injustice
Liberation movements erupted
The two illegally dispossessed kingdoms became graveyards
Of combatants and civilians alike

It’s been 40 years of intermittent encounters
Between the GPH forces and the freedom fighters
While talks are held in between truce
Still peace has remained a ghost

Wait a minute, what land is GPH going to offer
When she herself does not own a single inch?
Don’t you think this process is rather very, very queer?
No wonder it doesn’t move from the first square

But who are we to suggest or complain
When the GPH Panel is full of geniuses?
They don’t need the facts of history to negotiate
For they have all the solutions in their heads

Small wonder, peace is still nowhere after 40 years
While the bygone land grabbers and invaders just watch in the wings
Without any sense of culpability and remorse of conscience

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