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Corona's conviction saves the country from becoming a laughing stock


From day one of the Impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona the country's justice system was already adversely affected with the presentation of evidence which questions the honesty of the Chief Justice in filing his SALN.

As the trial continues the preponderance of evidence against the respondent becomes more stronger that the smartness of the defense lawyers cannot overcome it.

The voluntary appearance of the Chief Justice before the Impeachment Court has in fact further aggravated the whole proceedings with his unbecoming walkout after he was accorded all the respects to read his narrative testimony by the Impeachment Court that prompted the President Officer to order for the closure of all doors to prevent the respondent from getting outside the building.

The actuation of the Chief Justice has given a very bad example to the entire Filipino Nation.
Whether the respondent will submit for cross examination or not his testimony has no effect because it was just a repetition of what was already taken up during the previous proceedings.

The Senators-Judges can already come up with a fair judgement that will save the country from becoming a laughingstock before the eyes of the world.
The Chief Justice has still an option for a graceful exit to resign and retire before the final verdict could be handed down by the Impeachment Court.

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