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Zinaa - A major crime in Islam


Zinaa, an Arabic word for illegal sex is a major crime under Islamic law or the Shari-ah. If contacted by a man and a woman who are not lawfully wedded to each other the supreme penalty of death may be imposed after due process and upon conviction.

The believers are not only prohibited from its indulgence but from getting near or approaching it. The Qur'an says:"l_aa Taqrabuz-zinaa in-nahu qaana faahissataw wasa'a sabeela'", roughly, come not near to unlawful sex (ie. Fornication, Adultery). Verily, it is an evil that paves the way to another evil (and to hell, unless Allah S.W.T. Forgives him upon Repentance. Holy Qur'an 17:32)

Behind Islam's stern prohibition on illegal sex is the desire to rid society of its evil consequences of bastardly and illegitimate children. A man who is quite more demanding especially as women are subject to their regular monthly period the law makes it allowable for him to "marry women of his choice from two up to three up to four, if he can afford to maintain equality and justice among them.

But if he feels that he cannot maintain justice then only ONE is allowed Qur'an 4:3. In such a case the children that he begets shall enjoy equal legal status and legitimacy in all respects including the right to inheritance. The Philippine Shari'ah Law Contains a provision that the consent of the first wife is necessary before a man contracts a second marriage.

This has no basis in the Qur'an and the prophet's Sunnah. The Matter Is subject to legal processes wherein the right of the wife is amply protected.
Prostitutions, gambling, alcoholism, etc., flourish because they are tolerated by the states. Prohibited, nothing of the sort will proliferate.

Prostitution in fact, is unabashedly regarded as an oldest profession and treated alongside the other legitimate and wholesome endeavors as the legal, medical, allied and other professions. In which case the unwholesome proceeds from the legalized flesh trade can be used to support a family. Anything from haram sources as in prostitution cannot be considered as income because from the Islamic view point income is anything one earns, lawful and wholesome, without causing injury to others. Otherwise, it is haram which is the equivalent of human faces.

Problem arises when a man arrogates unto himself Divine power to declare as haram what God has decreed as Halal, and vice versa. This is transgressing beyond bounds and man is inviting his own torment.

Going to church or mosque to be seen of men, such act of hypocrisy in worship is tantamount to a filthy rugs because it denies the basic purification of one's heart, words and deeds. God is not pleased and Satan (Saytan) rejoices over the triumph of evil over Good, In other words, Zinaa or illegal sex is not the only indulgence highly criminalized in Islam but all others that God (S.W.T.) in the Qur'an has decreed as Haram including the wanton display of women's anatomy.

by AhmadASali,AI-Hj

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