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Query for NDRRMC and disaster officials


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and everything you need will be given to you as well…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 6:33, the Holy Bible).

QUERY FOR NDRRMC AND DISASTER OFFICIALS: I have a query: if international disaster agencies and foreign governments which have more technological expertise and capability, as well as more money, appear puny and unable to stop natural calamities and their destructive and deadly effects, what makes our National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) think its action plans will help Filipinos against the coming rains, floods and winds?

I think it would be a lot better for NDRRMC officials to be more candid, and admit that there is really nothing anyone---even the moneyed and the powerful---can do when natural disasters strike---and strike with devastating force---even if millions and millions of pesos in government funds are spent for disaster preparedness and prevention programs already on the works.

If they do this in all humility, I am sure they would be given better, although unorthodox, inspiration on how our people can survive and escape unscathed from the ravages of destructive calamities. If they humble themselves well enough, NDRRMC officials may yet be made to realize that these rains, floods and winds have a spiritual dimension, and that, therefore, one effective way to face them would be through spiritual truths (see Matthew 7:24-27, the Holy Bible).

SPIRITUAL DIMENSION OF POVERTY AND PROSPERITY: I will say the same thing about the call of President Aquino for the diplomatic corps, during the traditional Independence Day vin d’honneur for foreign ambassadors and top officials of government, to help in uplifting the living conditions of Filipinos and lead them to economic prosperity.

Economic prosperity and the lack of it, and poverty and having the good life, likewise have spiritual dimensions that must be considered by any and all president who wish to leave a lasting legacy for his people. Progress and development are not simple economic issues that can be addressed by economic activities alone. Their spiritual dimensions are as important and would have to be attended to, likewise.

Along this line, what President Aquino and his advisers should try to focus on, for the remaining days of his presidency, is getting Filipinos back to God in a more concrete and realizable way, more specifically according to what the Bible, among Christian believers, and what the Koran, among Islam followers, are saying.

STRATEGY FOR ECONOMIC SUCCESS: As far as Christian believers are concerned, an effort must be made to compel them to be more prayerful, while devoting themselves to reading the Bible, meditating thereon day and night, and truthfully obeying everything that is written in it, regardless of the religion or spiritual grouping to which they belong.

The Constitutional prohibition on the separation of Church and State will not be violated by this kind of an endeavor, since even the very first part of the Charter, its Preamble, talks about the Filipino people “imploring the aid of the Divine Almighty”.

Supporting this strategy for economic success of our countrymen are many provisions of the Bible. One of them, Joshua 1:8, says: “Do not forget to read the Book of the Law; meditate on it day and night, and be careful to obey everything that is written in it. Then, you will become prosperous and successful.” I guess there is not going to be any harm in trying this tack, while there is still time.

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Atty. Batas Mauricio

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