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Sidewalk clearing must be enforced strictly, fairly, equally


The order of City Hall and City Engineer's Office is lawful as far as the clearing of the sidewalks in the MCLL highway is concerned.
But the team organized by the City Engineer's Office to enforce the law does not know how to carry out the lawful order justly, fairly and equally to everybody.

There are sidewalks, starting from MCLL Highway in Tetuan where there are physical structures on top of the sidewalks, in Guiwan, engine blocks, tires, vulcanizing work are right on top of the sidewalks including concrete walls constructed partly at sidewalk areas and other structures obstructing the sidewalks.

Parking of vehicles is not allowed in national highways but there are so many vehicles parked along the MCLL Highway starting from Tetuan, Guiwan, Putik and Divisoria.

It will be recalled that sometime in 2005, the Aderes Flea Market was required to putup a parking area inside the Flea Market otherwise their business permit will not be renewed since parking is not allowed along the National Highway. But the implementation as usual was “Ningas Cogon”.
Vehicle in Guiwan and Putik are also parked on top of sidewalks thus depriving the pedestrians from using it.

For their failure to perform their job correctly, the team harrassed a vegetable stall at Aderes Flea Market although it is already located outside the sidewalk and in a Private property, ordering its dismantling on June 11, 2012. This writer advised the stall owner to reinstall their business.
This is plain harrasment and violation of human rights. The poor owner of the vegetable stall has a permit from city hall for the past more than 10 years and now being deprived to earn a living legitimately.

Signed complaint duly notarized could be filed before the Office of the OMBUDSMAN and CHR against the so called demolition team organized by the Office of the City Engineer.

Everybody is for the strict enforcement of the law but it must be carried out justly, fairly and equally to everybody without selecting only the weak and the helpless.

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