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This City has had many leaders
One was indisputably the greatest
But an unconscionable assassin put a bullet through his head
Caused his untimely death

Others followed with visions of grandeur
But unfortunately kept the city’s progress like the pace of the turtle
While taxpayer’s wealth has been freely spent like an eternal spring
But the high-cost projects are just concentrated within the 7-km square

So while the downtown area has been the locus of multi-million development delights
Such as gardens, plazas, fountains which are mostly used and enjoyed only at night 
The vast countryside remains perpetually neglected, stunted, and depressed
Thousands are without decent homes, livelihood, and food to eat

Compared with others we are gapingly lagging behind as a political unit
Only classified as highly urbanized while our contemporaries are now Metro cities
Even Vitali, Ayala, Sangali, Curuan, Labuan, Manicahan, and Taluksangay are still barangays
While Lamitan and the 15 other municipalities are now booming cities, we can’t deny

Many are now making themselves felt and publicly seen as candidates for mayoralty
Even if the election is still more than a year away as scheduled in May
Volumes and volumes of promises are now printed and distributed widely
That they will transform Zamboanga City and restore its headwind political leadership and prosperity

One of these frontrunners for Mayoralty in Zamboanga City is Nonong Jalosjos
A political colossus who has never experienced electoral defeat in the north
They say, he has a track-record that is unparalleled and good for the books
Landslide victories in the polls even while serving a sentence in prison

Like all other leaders who have served this City as Mayors
We expect Nonong to achieve what he dreams for the Zamboangueños
For what development projects he plans to undertake if elected
Are ideally comprehensive, diversified, holistic, and people-oriented

Will Nonong Jalosjos measure up to what he wants to accomplish within a term
Or will he just end up like those mayors customarily tagged “run-of-the-mill”  
Transformation of this city is no joke and borders on the impossibility
It’s like fixing a wind mill on a stormy day

By Clem M. Bascar

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