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What He’s Thinking…But Won’t Tell You


Got a secret your guy doesn't know about? Guess what—so does he. Just like you, your guy has some secrets he'd rather you not know. Don't worry—they aren't that type of secrets (well, not all of them, anyway). We list six things your guy is thinking about but won't come clean with you, thanks to some inside information from the guys themselves!

1. He's thinking about…girly stuff

There are times when he's thinking about cooking up a feast. Or whether his new jacket will go with his favorite jeans. He even thinks about how his hair looks that day. Newsflash: Guys do think about the same things you do. The only difference? He's not going to gush about these things the way you do with your friends simply for one good reason—he doesn't think it's manly.

Says Simon, 33, "I have a secret passion—shopping online. I've bought a few great bargains like a pair of shoes and an awesome jacket. But there is no way I can let this secret out of the bag, especially with my female friends. I will not hear the end of it!"

2. He's thinking about…sex

"Of course we think about sex all the time; what did you expect, we are men after all!" says Richard, 30. You know this is bound to come up. And we hate to break the news, but sometimes you're not in the picture when he's thinking about sex.

"Sometimes, a man isn't that fussy with his fantasies," says Lee, 28. That's the thing with men; his mind can get carried away when it comes to the deed. And there's no limit to his fantasy—whether it is with the girl in the next office or even that hot Hollywood star with those lips.

But here's the good news—thinking about sex makes him want you even more, especially when research shows that a man thinks about sex at least 19 times a day!

3. He's thinking about…his hang-ups

He may act all macho but deep down inside—like everyone else—your guy has his own insecurities. Whether it is how he feels about his body (damn that gut!) or why his boss is giving him a hard time. "This may sound really girly, but I occasionally look in the mirror and think of how I need to go on a diet and hit the gym ASAP," says Brian, 33.

And in case you've not noticed, your guy is sometimes in a mood that's less than perfect. Wouldn't you, if all you're thinking about is negative? But most likely he's not about to tell all over a drink, lest you think of him as a whiner. So the next time he's giving you one-word replies, chances are he's got a lot of things on his mind…and not because he's going to break up with you.

4. He's thinking about…how he misses being single

As much as he loves being with you, a guy will also miss his alone time where he gets to do his 'guy stuff' like watch basketball, eat with his fingers and leave his plates in the sink. And sometimes, he wonders what life will be like again as a singleton. "I've been with my girlfriend for two years and the relationship is wonderful. But I enjoy the days where I don't have to be with her because I get to do my own things. I miss my old ritual as a single man sometimes. But I can't tell her that; she's not going to understand and will think I don't appreciate her!" admits Tan, 34.
So do cut your guy some slack—give him his alone time (instead of making him spend it with you at the nail spa!) and he'll love you just that much more.

5. He's thinking about…your friends

Okay, there will be times when he will think of how hot your friend Bianca is. He will also think of how annoying some of them can be and how they aren't treating you right.

If you've got a friend who's taking you for granted, chances are your guy would have noticed. He'd probably even asked why you are still friends (only because he wants to look out for you!). Says Kay, 32: "When my girlfriend complains about her friends, I always wonder why she even bothers. But if I tell her that, she will say that I don't understand. So I rather keep my opinions to myself."

6. He's thinking about…how you'll break his heart

You know how you wonder if he will ever cheat on you or break your heart into pieces? Guess what—guys have the exact same thought. Especially when it is someone they really care about. "We are insecure folks too," says Dan, 27. "We worry that the person we are in love with may not be as in love with us as we are with them. Nobody wants to be dumped after all."

The verdict is in: Everyone is afraid of getting hurt by someone they love—male or female. So if he acts uninterested when you're talking about that new guy in the office, he's probably wondering if you'll leave him for new guy.

By SC Chua for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

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