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People’s clamor for total change gaining more grounds


For more than 20 years Zamboanga City’s development has been moving like a turtle while other highly urbanized and component cities in the country are astronomically taking off.

Several problems have been identified but no appropriate measures are being introduced to address them.

Lack or limited creativity, vision, foresight and initiative on the part of local officials are the main reasons why Zamboanga City is lagging behind in development and stable peace and order.

The only city in the country that has no bus terminal is Zamboanga City while mere municipalities and component cities are having a decent and spacious parking areas for public conveyances.

Criminality has been on the rise for the past more than a decade due to lack of appropriate law enforcement plan attuned to the prevailing situation.

There are major projects that have to be undertaken by the national government but the local government has a lukewarm attitude and miserably failed to follow-up like the by-pass road from Culianan to Ayala, from Zambowood to Mampang and the transfer of the International Airport to Mercedes. Right now we have a very shabby airport.

Approved plans are rotting at the DPWH regional office according to an insider but nobody from the LGU seems interested to follow-up.

With the 25-point agenda of Nonong Jalosjos the development plans and programs for the transformation of Zamboanga City with peace and order on top will be carried out very soon.

People’s clamor for a total change in the political arena is gaining more grounds day after day.

Nonong Jalosjos is running for Mayor and Mercy Arquiza Fernandez for Vice-mayors, respectively in 2013 election while former Vice-mayor Mannix Dalipe is running for congress in the 2nd district and Councilor Mel Sadain for congress in the 1st district.


By: Rex Miravite

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