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Better administration is main issue in 2013 election


It will be exactly 26 years by June 30, 2013 when the present local administration came into political power in Zamboanga City starting in 1987 congressional election.

For almost 3 decades Zamboanga City has stagnated while other highly urbanized and component cities have developed faster than expected.
In the military parlance it is said that the unit is only as good as its commander. If the commander is brilliant and experienced the unit will be successful in all its operations.

In the same way that the local government unit (LGU) is only as good as its elected local officials.
If local officials have foresight, vision, initiative and are creative and  determined to develop Zamboanga, our city could not be lagging behind Cagayan de Oro City, General Santos  City, Davao City and even Bacolod City and other cities in the country.

Zamboanga City was ahead of the aforementioned cities in progress in the 1960’s. Therefore in the 2013 election the main issue is how can we have a better local administration that can introduce measures to have a stable peace and order which is the number one identified problem and to hasten and fast track the development of the city.

We need a local chief executive with strong political will, with strong and imposing personality to deal with criminally problem the likes of Duterte of Davao City and Hagedorn of Palawan who are equipped with balls and feared by criminals and law violators.

Right now there are 3 mayoralty candidates who declared to run in 2013 election. From he present local administration, Congressman Erbie Fabian and Congresswoman Beng Climaco have declared that they are running for Mayor in 2013 election. Both of them are members of the so called triumvirate with the incumbent Mayor. (The word triumvirate is wrongly applied because according to Webster Dictionary triumvirate refers to Roman History where it is composed of any group of 3 men in power).

Although Cong Fabian is already out of the graces of the present administration but he and Cong Beng Climaco being part of the party in power for more than 20 years are also contributors to the stagnancy of Zamboanga City.

The third aspirant for Mayor is Nonong Jalosjos having a 25-point agenda for the transformation of Zamboanga into a progressive and peaceful city that will overturn the stagnant Zamboanga City into a vibrant community with him as new local chief executive with his new local legislators.
Future Vice-mayor Mercy Arquiza Fernandez is the runningmate of Nonong Jalosjos in the 2013 local election.

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