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“Read and obey to escape nature’s wrath”


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance…” (Proverbs 33:12, the Holy Bible).

FOURTH TRAGEDY IN CAGAYAN DE ORO CHILD SUICIDE: Reaction from an anonymous reader, who requested to withhold his or her cellphone number, on our item from Cagayan De Oro City entitled “Tragedy of girl, 16, committing suicide”: “There is a fourth tragedy---that of men thinking nothing of a girl but as a ruse or opportunity for sex with young fresh meat---which is how they see minors.”

PRAISE GOD FOR THE SPIRIT OF BOLDNESS: Reaction from Gina of the Zamboanga City Medical Center: “Praise God for giving you the spirit of BOLDNESS to share God’s Word! I really appreciate you. May the Lord continue to bless and use you mightily to spread His Gospel. I am Gina, the librarian. Yes, I pray and meditate for our City, its officials. Really, our enemy now is like a roaring lion trying to deceive us. We should be strong in the Lord and be watchful. Thanks.”

CAMPUS BLANKETED IN DARKNESS IN ZAMBO: From 09163507642, originally in Filipino, translated in English: “Here at the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Western Mindanao State University in Zamboanga, we girl-students who have 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. classes are having problems because the campus is blanketed in darkness for lack of appropriate lights. Each of us has to bring flashlights to light our way. Are the authorities waiting for tragedy to befall us before they put lights in the school? Please help us!”

WHY HAVE RAINS AND FLOODS BECOME SO DEADLY? Are you wondering why, with even just the small amount of rain that drenched parts of our country during these last few days, the waters immediately rose and once more became a ferocious flood that killed many hapless Filipinos, and destroyed millions of pesos worth of crops and properties nationwide as well?

Wonder no more, and realize that rains, floods and strong winds will surely come because they are part of God’s curses for a people who no longer read His Bible and who no longer obey His commands. Jesus, our God and Savior, said this Himself, in Matthew 7:26-27 of the Bible. Our readers may want to read these passages for themselves, while there is still time. The passages suggest a way to survive these killer rains and floods.

HEAT WAVE HITS MILLIONS OF AMERICANS: And then, while we are all wet and wild in this part of the world, some 2.2 Americans from the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic section of the United States are groveling under an intense heat wave which never hit them before. Because of this unprecedented heat wave, millions are still without electric power and continue to suffer from deafening thunders and extremely strong winds. Why are all of these happening?

Our readers may want to read Deuteronomy 28:22-23 and also Matthew 7:26-27 (again) to see that scorching heat, burning skies, steeled lands and strong winds are God’s curses which have been promised to those who are no longer listening to, and no longer obeying, Him. Our plea is for everyone to please read these Biblical passages and be enlightened that these natural calamities do have a spiritual dimension, which can be resolved only by spiritual endeavors.

READ THE WORD, OBEY GOD, ESCAPE NATURE’S WRATH: If our people will only read these Biblical passages, they will see that recommendations like those raised by a party list group dealing with the environment, supposedly aimed at alleviating our people’s sufferings from global warming and climate change, will not really amount to anything. Nothing will ever come out of typhoon and flood drills, as the party list group is suggesting.

What Filipinos---and the entire human race as well---should do is obey God’s prescriptions as to how to survive global warming, climate change and the other natural calamities that were accurately predicted to come by the Bible. These prescriptions say the same thing, over and over again: we must listen to and read God’s Word again, and obey Him again. Let’s try these before it is too late.

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