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Candidates must asses honestly chances of winning


Some politician in their desire to win the election usually ignore the assessment that is unfavorable to them and leave everything to luck.
The present COMELEC system of early filing of certificate of candidacy (COC) and longer time of pre-election information campaign period is very advantageous to prospective candidates and to the people.

The early declaration of candidates that they are running for a local political position more than one year or several months before the election is for them to make an assessment of their chances of winning and that of their opponents and for the people to select the best among them as far as their plans and programs are concerned.

If in their honest conduct of survey reveals a negative result then they may not push through in filing their COC for the position they have planned earlier.

Of course die hard supporters will always have a self-serving assessment to provide moral support to their candidates.
Politicians must be very practical and realistic because election nowadays is very expensive.

They should not only assess their chances of winning but equally important are the chances of their opponents to defeat them.
Of course there are candidates who run with no intention of winning without appearing like one but just to receive campaign funds from the national political party in support to national candidates of the party.

Nonong Jalosjos is running for Mayor of Zamboanga City while his cousin Mercy Arquiza Fernandez is for Vice-mayor in 2013 election.
Nonong was prompted to run for Mayor according to an insider because of persistent clamor of the people for a total change in the political arena to enhance and fast track development and attain a stable peace and order in Zamboanga City.

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