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Political standard bearers dislike jumping jacks
Word of honor they don’t have
They change their minds like the weather
Sunshine this moment, rainfall suddenly later

People also claim jumping jacks can’t be trusted
They pledge loyalty to someone based on interest
If satisfactorily met, they stick
If not, in a wink of an eye, they leap

But jumping jacks in every place abound
They join a party to win in the polls
It’s unwise for one to be in a bandwagon
Without crates and crates of gold bullions

Jumping jacks are by nature opportunists
They always think in terms of their advantage
They believe it’s foolish for one to run for public office
Just to lose in the black market of suffrage

For as long as political camps exist
All kinds of jumping jacks also breed
Purely public service they pledge
Honor or livelihood, they say, they don’t need

They say in politics there are no permanent friends
But only power dreams, ambitions, and whims
So don’t wonder why the game is now jumping- jumping
Where the cleverest jack always wins

Now, do you want to jump to another political camp?
Go ahead you are free as a bird, man
Just don’t jump from the frying pan
Into the fire
Or from a boa to a crocodile

But, make no mistakes
Jumping jack is just a physical exercise for fitness

By Clem M. Bascar

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