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Liberating FIlipino Muslims from archaic dictatorship


The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is out seeking aid to fund the Bangsamoro political institute. We think that the traditional sources of funds tapped by the secessionist fronts are no longer that generous is not altogether zapped. The radical political and social revolution that had taken place in most of the patrons of the Fronts are no longer there. The upheavels saw the termination of dictators and new leaders had been installed by democratic process. The likes of Libya's strongman, Moamar Khadafy, who had generously funded revolutions and terrorist organizations that had bedevilled even the most secured nations in the world, Islamic countries included, had been consigned to the catacombs. Others are now behind bars while some are still struggling to cling to the last string of survival. Osama bin Laden, the biggest recipient and conduit of funds that sustain the existence and operations of terrorist organizations and secessionist fronts had been neutralized along with his allies.

Money now comes in a trickle and it is foolhardy for the beneficiaries of these funds to expect the same generosity from dictators who are either behind bars or simply dead.

If the MILF wants to pursue the agenda of a political institute for the Bangsamoro then it should work within the framework of the government established institution which have trained professors and the curricula to boot. This can be contained in the framework of peace which the MILF is negotiating with the government. The country is not short of Muslim scholars many of whom are professors in well known universities and colleges. Training Muslim Filipinos to take over the helm of governments in the autonomous region need not be prejudiced by lack of funds. The government, we believe, would rather fund scholarships for emerging leaders than indulge in an expensive war. The MILF need not engage in pan-handling activity either. All they have to do is nominate who among the young generation of Muslim youths are worthy of government assistance to become future political leaders not only of ARMM but to be captains of industries. We do not believe that Filipino Muslims should only be confined in the ARMM for that will deny them of other possibilities. Setting up barriers is confining the next generation of leaders within the rigid biases and insidious agenda. That is not giving them freedom and that is limiting their options and opportunities.

It is about time that the MILF and the government be circumspect about what they intend to achieve. What we want them to accomplish is not for the survival and glory of the present negotiators but whether the intended goal is for the future of the present generation of Filipino Muslim, Christians and Lumad who will lead this country after them.

By: Menardo Wenceslao

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