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Who then is the lesser evil?


I do admit that am a sinner
It’s a wholesale lie to claim that there are people who have not done wrong ever
If there are, let them file their certificates of candidacy for any public office
I will offer my free services to campaign if they wish

The truth is there are people in the three branches of governments
Appointed or elected who are notorious criminals but have not been convicted
They order the killings and harassment of journalists and critics
Who expose and foil their illegal activities 

Some form syndicates to rob and plunder the people’s wealth
And rig all legal processes to buy goods and services
Some jack up the prices of public works, equipment, and facilities
And amass millions through the “return to sender” emissaries

Others use irregular modes and tricks of stealing public funds
They do them in the forms of public service programs and popularity ads
They even use their names as project acronyms
And make them appear accidental and purely coincidence

Still others create ghost projects and positions
For their acquaintances, friends, and close family relations
Right now if the COA makes a surprise audit
Many will be caught in the red, I bet

Who then is the lesser evil
A person who openly admits a crime and served his sentence in prison well
Or a person who viciously commits graft and corruption in his position
But is foxy enough to evade indictment, litigation or even just detection
And habitually lie with a straight face when charged in court
Folks, you are at full liberty to make your choice

In my case, with all certainty I can tell
That in some instances I could be the lesser evil
But for those who are so allergic to what I write
Without doubt I am the worst devil in their lives
That’s why they’ll do anything to block what I write
Even my emails are monitored and hacked
You just have to read this poem in case tragedy strikes

By Clem M. Bascar

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