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“Botcha” threatens RP survival


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earths. Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling…” (Psalm 2:10-11, the Holy Bible).

CONGRATS, DEAN LEO QUISUMBING: Congratulations to former Supreme Court Associate Justice Leonardo Quisumbing, who is reported to have been named as the new dean of the Graduate School of the International Academy of Management Economics (IAME), an internationally-recognized business school owned and operated by a corporation headed by 1971 Constitutional Convention delegate, lawyer Emmanuel T. Santos. Mabuhay, Dean Leo!

“BOTCHA” THREATENS SURVIVAL OF RP: It is not just the health and well-being of our countrymen who eat “botcha” or “double-dead” meat---or meat from pigs and chicken which died due to sickness---that are endangered and compromised. Even the very survival of the country is at stake, if we are to be perceptive about it. Why? Well, first we must realize that there are two main reasons why “botcha” continues to proliferate.

First is that, there are simply too many poor Filipinos who still buy “botcha”, even if they are aware of the health complications of eating “double-dead” meat. They are poor, and, most of the time, they really have no choice. Rightly or wrongly, they take their chances, and thereby patronize the peddlers of hot meat who neither issue any receipt, nor pay any taxes.

The second reason is that, many unscrupulous but very rich businessmen buy “botcha” and use the contaminated meat as cheap substitute for the good meat that they should be using for their products. With a cheaper cost of production, these slimy traders sell their products at a much cheaper price. Consequently, they also abet tax evasion because, in buying “botcha” meat, no receipts are given to them for their purchases.

WHY HAVE PINOYS BECOME SEXUALLY-LIBERAL? There is something that the Department of Health (DOH) is not telling us about the increasing number of Filipinos getting afflicted with the deadly “human immuno-deficiency virus” (HIV) and “acquired immunity-deficiency syndrome” (AIDS), after engaging in illicit sex: what is making our countrymen more sexually liberal, making them more likely candidates for HIV/AIDS?

I mean, it is the DOH that comes in contact with HIV/AIDS carriers. It is, therefore, the agency that has the best chance of getting a more in-depth information that would show why Filipinos felt compelled to engage in HIV/AIDS-producing-sex. But then, it would seem DOH is not interested in this. Its only interest, it appears, is to list the HIV/AIDS victims as part of its statistical data.

This is unfortunate. Part of the DOH strategy to fight off HIV/AIDS should be to inform the people of the circumstances which led present victims of the disease to contract the ailment, so all others can be confronted with the real-life situations which gave rise to the disease and which can then be avoided. The DOH must show not only the evils of having HIV/AIDS, which is the end-result, but the circumstances that caused the HIV/AIDS in the first place.

HIV/AIDS WARNED ABOUT IN THE BIBLE: This kind of a severe and lingering sickness was well-predicted to happen many, many years ago, and this prediction is now written as part of the Bible, in its Deuteronomy 28:15 and 58-61. Deuteronomy 28:15 of the Bible says: “However, if you no longer listen to the Lord your God, and no longer obey His commands I am giving you today, all of these curses will come upon you and overtake you…

“ If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, which are written in this book, and do not revere this glorious and awesome name---the Lord your God--- the Lord will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants… and severe and lingering illnesses… The Lord will also bring on you every kind of sickness and disaster not recorded in this Book of the Law, until you are destroyed…”

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