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Zamboanga has brigther future with Jalosjos as Mayor


Firstly, Nonong Jalosjos has good plans for Zamboanga City that are implementable as embodied in his 25-point agenda for the transformation of Zamboanga. Copies of said 25-point agenda are being distributed house to house in some barangays for the information of the general public.

His top priority is the restoration of peace and order by coming up with a long range peace and order plan or in particular the "Crime Prevention Master Plan" that has never been formulated in the city over since.

Of course this responsibility will be delagated to a member of the city council with vast actual experiences in the field of law enforcement and crime prevention to formulate the plan. Big malls like SM, Ayala, Robinson, Gaisano and other national malls will be encouraged to come in that will generate not only hundreds but maybe thousands of employment opportunities for the Zamboangueños.

And among others Nonong Jalosjos will initiate and establish a culture of good governance by operating a zero (0) graft and corruption system. Nonong is rich with legitimate businesses and he does not need to commit graft and corruption to further enrich himself.

The 25-point agenda for the Zamboangueños to transform Zamboanga City into a peaceful and progressive city is being downplayed by his political opponent as dubious, uncertain and doubtful.

But people are lining up starting 6:00 o'clock in the morning to register with the Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ) at the campaign Headquarters aside from thousands of members who are registering in the different barangays daily.

Nonong Jalosjos will give good future for the children of present generation and for the generations to come when he becomes Mayor of Zamboanga City in 2013.

His running mate Mercy Arquiza Fernandez could be a trusted Vice-mayor of Zamboanga City.

By: Rex Miravite

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