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PNoy must order Bible studies and prayers


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace…” (Ephesians 1:7, the Holy Bible).

CONDOLENCES TO THE ESCUDERO FAMILY: We condole with Sen. Francis Escudero and the whole Escudero Family from Sorsogon for the untimely demise of Rep. Salvador Escudero III, the senator’s father. Sonny’s death was not only a loss for the Escuderos, but for the whole nation as well. The country lost not only a lawmaker but one of its best agriculturists ever, as well as one of its better citizens.

CALOOCAN KILLINGS: WHAT INSANITY? What kind of courage could have prompted Charlie Balboa, a Caloocan City resident who is being blamed by the police in the brutal gunslaying of his former neighbors---the Spouses Prudencio Torres and Milagros Torres and their daughter Marjorie---and the wounding of another daughter, to carry out such an act? It could only be a form of courage coming from a deranged and insane mind.

Why are so many Filipinos suffering from insanity or confusion of the mind? There are many medical and scientific reasons, as well as psychological ones, but the Bible, in its Deuteronomy 28:15 and 28, is saying that those who no longer listen to God and who no longer obey Him get insane, mad and confused of mind.

PNOY MUST ORDER BIBLE STUDIES AND PRAYERS: It was a giant step in the right direction when President Aquino asked Filipinos to turn to God in confronting rains, floods and winds that now bring death and destruction on a more or less regular basis, for that, really, is the only way. But, the President need to do one more thing: officially make it a policy for everyone, regardless of religion, to read and study the Bible, and pray, on a regular basis, because these are the only effective ways of turning to God.

REACTIONS ON MONEY REMITTANCE WOES: Here are reactions on our item about the “pera padala” or money remittance companies refusing to release the remitted money on account merely of misspelling of names. From Atty. Ray Fagutao of Capiz City: “Atty. Mauricio, did the money courier return the money sent to the sender or, at least, notify the sender of the circumstances? If not, the money courier holds the money sent in IN TRUST for the sender. Should there be misapproriation by the money courier, it is a criminal offense.”

From my cousin, Bureau of Customs officer Renato Mauricio: “I experienced the same when I was still in LA and sent money to my mom and siblings for Christmas, which they received on Valentine's Day. After that, the title of my column in the next issue of our newspaper was, `Late Bagahe at Cash’, without mentioning the name of that remittance company my readers were still able to figure it out.”

From insurance broker Pepot Sto. Domingo, a Rotary past president: “Dear Classmate Batas, so what finally happened with the remittance? What steps did the remittance center suggest be done to remedy the situation? Was any alternative offered?”

From Edgar Siscar, administrator of the Facebook group ETCETERA: “Banks and financial institutions have very strict policies about money remittances in view of the anti-money-laundering law, which policies, I believe are really for the security and protection of the parties as well as for the institutions concerned. If I may suggest, users of these facilities should be precise in the details of their every transaction.
God bless us all, Bro!”

From Rotary Immediate Past President Danilo Ponay: “Dear Sir, may I suggest. Please find out if the sender really was the one who caused the mistake of is it the company itself who may have done it purposely so that they can take advantage of the delay. Regards.”

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