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Knowledge not teeth to formulate peace and order plan


Excuses and alibis are not the solutions to the erratic if not deteriorating peace and order problem in the city that has been prevailing for more than a decade because of the absence of an appropriate plan.

There are local legislators who blamed the mayor for the non-stop shooting incidents because of his failure to share executive power with them. Everybody wants to be as powerful as the mayor?

The local Chief executive must be assisted by local legislators in improving the peace and order in Zamboanga City by coming up with a “long range peace and order plan” that is attuned to the existing situation in the city.

Knowledge and not teeth is needed in making a plan augmented by a wealth of experiences in the actual field of the maintenance of peace and order and in the enforcement of laws.

And in the implementation of the plan (granting that the plan has already been prepared and approved), firmness, decisiveness and consistency are necessary in dealing with criminality problem.

With a plan that is in placed the law enforcers can effectively implement it with proper guidance from the local chief executive who is equipped with strong political will.

The so called “balance of terror” is not found in the vocabulary of those who know how to handle the situation in the civilized way.

Therefore knowledge is necessary and not teeth are needed in the formulation of a long range peace and order plan.

We need more action by following a plan and not talking in improving the peace and order problem of Zamboanga City.

By: Rex Miravite

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