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Mayor has all the powers over local police


Talking of total return of the police to local chief executives is a story of the past that must be buried in oblivion.

We cannot afford to slide back to an immemorial time when we are now in the advance stage of information technology.

Again, making alibis and excuses are never the solutions to peace and order problem in Zamboanga City.

The mayor has vast powers in employing and deploying the local police where he has that administrative, operational and general supervisory authority over the local PNP units.

The local legislative body must formulate a “long range peace and order plan” different from other cities as a guide for the law enforcers to follow in their day to day crime prevention activity.

The plan can be the basis of the mayor to see to it that it is implemented by the local law enforcers with consistency.

All local chief executives are invoking RA 6975 or PNP Law in the control over local PNP units.

The mayors of Davao City and Puerto Princesa City are using the same law in attaining peace and tranquillity in their cities.

The same thing could be done in Zamboanga City with appropriate peace and order plan as the bible of the local police in restoring normalcy in the city.

By: Rex Miravite

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