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Atty. Leny Robredo as next DILG chief


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh… (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Mark 10:6-8, the Holy Bible).

ATTY. LENY ROBREDO AS NEXT DILG CHIEF: Here is an unsolicited advice to President Aquino and the Liberal Party, who are all furiously looking for ways to express their respect and admiration for deceased Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo: to accord Robredo their highest accolade, the President and his party must appoint his widow, Atty. Leny, as the next secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local  Government (DILG).

As it is, the Filipino people are clamoring for a DILG secretary who will not only continue the reforms and directions that the departed secretary started, but who really knows Jesse’s heart and craving for honest and righteous service to his countrymen. Right now, the only one who can fulfill these qualifications is no other than Atty. Leny Robredo.

Appointing Leny will also squelch the raging fierce in-fighting among the President’s subordinates and supporters, and thereby spare his administration and the Liberal Party the pernicious and deleterious wranglings of those interested in the position which, if left unchecked, could greatly prejudice the party’s chances in 2013, and even in 2016.

WHO IS ATTY. LENY ROBREDO? Who is Atty. Leny Robredo, or Maria Leonora Gerona Robredo? At this point, there is very little information on who she is, and it would appear that the only known facts about her now are that, she is the widow of Secretary Jesse Robredo, she is the mother of three daughters, and that she is a practicing lawyer based in her hometown of Naga City.

Checking her personal, official and academic background in the Internet would not even yield anything, and in this world gone loco about Facebook and other social networking sites, it would seem she does not even have any Facebook account in her name. Despite the glare of public attention surrounding her husband, it is clear that Leny has successfully maintained a very low profile.

In fact, in the stories that mentioned her in the aftermath of reports that Secretary Jesse Robredo’s plane crashed in Masbate, and in the riveting drama that followed the search and rescue and, later on, retrieval, operations launched by the Aquino government for him and his fellow passengers, there was nothing about where Leny studied and graduated, when she became a lawyer, and what kind of cases she handled in her practice.

APPOINTING LENY IS GOOD FOR PNOY AND LP: But then, as the newly-created Facebook account which proclaims “Maria Leonora `Lenny’ Robredo For Senator Movement”, it is there emblazoned: “behind every great man is a greater woman”. This assertion about who is better is of course a little bit off-tangent and unfair, both for the man and the woman, but then it is at least a stark recognition of the fact that greatness can, many a time, result from conjugal inspiration.

Even now, published media reports are saying that in all of Jesse’s life as a politician, as a long-standing city executive, and finally as the top honcho at the DILG in charge of local government units, the one singular asset that he really had was his wife Leny, who acted likewise as his personal, political, spiritual, and legal adviser all rolled into one.

It is not therefore going to be amiss to say, at this point, that whatever Jesse turned out to be in his career as a public officer, one half of the credit should go to Leny. If only for this, Atty. Maria Leonora “Leny” Robredo deserves a crack as the new secretary of the interior and local government. President Aquino and the Liberal Party could not go wrong in this.

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