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Zamboanga City has become negotiation center for kidnappers?


The image of the city is further tarnished when an alleged secret negotiation for the release of one of the 2 kidnapped Chinese nationals who were abducted in Kabasalan, Sibugay on June 4, 2012 took place inside a 5-star hotel in Zamboanga City between an emissary of the kidnappers and the mediator of the victims.

What is more intriguing if not anomalous and highly suspicious is the alleged presence of a high ranking police general during the negotiation as reported in the local dailies.

An emissary of kidnappers is an active member of the kidnapping syndicate and must be arrested.

The reported unholy alliance between the authorities and the kidnappers will encourage more kidnappings.

While the relatives of the kidnap victims cannot be prevented from sending out negotiators for the release of their loved ones but kidnapper’s emissary must not be tolerated to freely enter the city and billet in the hotel with impunity.

Zamboanga City has now become a negotiation center for kidnappers?

Police authorities must focus on crime prevention and not on negotiation for the release of kidnap victims that involves payment of ransom money that could be interpreted as unholy alliance with the kidnappers.

The incident as reported in the local dailies is a great insult to local officials and local authorities for allowing Zamboanga City to become a “Negotiation Center for kidnappers”.

By: Rex Miravite

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