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Crime prevention specialist needed in city council


For the past more than a decade a very important plan that is needed to maintain a stable peace and order condition in Zamboanga City has never been formulated by the City Legislative Body.

A peace and order plan or to simplify it a “Crime Prevention Master Plan” has to be initiated by the committee on peace and order of the city council that will serve as a guide for the local enforcers in their day to day anti-crime campaign.

Officers of the local police just come and go and the absence of a plan will make a new city police director to be groping in the dark.
And most than always police officers resort to reactionary measures.

A comprehensive anti-crime campaign plan is simple, practical, economical, realistic and implementable.

All pillars of the criminal justice system are involved to play their basic role in their respective field of interests.

What we need in the city council is a peace and order architect or a crime prevention specialist.

An individual with a wealth of experiences in the field of law enforcement and police community relations is what the city council needs to restore peace and stability in Zamboanga City.

A local Chief Executive with strong political will, decisive, firm with iron fist in dealing with criminal elements will eliminate members of crime syndicates.

By Rex Miravite

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