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I am proud to be a teacher: ‘A profession that teaches other profession’


Sinunuc National High School

Education is a topic nearest to my heart. Perhaps that justifies why I am a Teacher today. Thou, I must admit that it took a couple of more years before I finally realized that being inside a classroom mentoring young people is a passion even during my formative years in school. It was like this. Shortly after receiving my diploma in secondary education, the casino industry offered me a job with a pay too tempting to resist. Besides, there was no opening for a teaching job at that precise time.

Now, on my 13th year teaching in a public school, I can say with authority that teachers are the most important resource in the education system.  A dedicated teacher can make things happen even with limited resources and shortages. Because even with adequate resources, a student’s love for learning is hampered if managed by a poor and incompetent mentor.

I have also experienced countless joys and pains. Most memorable was when I listened with pride to a student. I trained delivering an impassioned extemporaneous speech in a contest that easily won the hearts of the jury, and the pain I felt upon seeing a mother with tears swelling in her eyes and almost in bended knees asking me to consider her son’s failing marks in a report card. That scene had a great effect on me. Sleepless for nights emphatizing the anguish of the poor woman, being a parent myself. But I was firm in my resolve the failing marks he got from me.

However, whether you are a new or a veteran teacher always make room to be more effective in your craft like updating on topics in your major fields. Students have unique learning styles. A teacher must break away from chalk-board lecture. Do something different, exciting and interesting, like instead of frequent quizzes, assign oral work. Get away from long lectures, bog down to group activities that will enhance interest and excitement. “It works well”. That’s talking through experience.

To be resourceful and creative are two major qualities a teacher should possess considering the limited budget, DepEd gets from government. A teacher has a big  role preparing students not just for excellence, not just for good marks but for them to be successful in their chosen career, functional and productive in the society they belong.

Despite the advances of information technology, nothing can replace a teacher inside the classroom. Of course, a teacher can only give her best if she is happy and fulfilled in the job.

Underpaid and overworked teachers are now gaining recognition for their own worth. Some have gon abroad in exchange for good pay but others remain committed to teach in the homeland. I am one of them. I am honored to be a teacher. It is a profession that teaches other profession. To my fellow teachers out there, we are living the life we’ve always wanted. Let us embrace the positve and stay clear of the negative. If feels good when we go beyond the subject matter. We just don’t inform the students but we actually form them into something better. “HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY”

By Casilda M. Pastorfide

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