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The many projects of CLL, the secret traditions (Folks Islam) of the Muslims in the South, Zamboanga hymn soon


“He who doesn’t show respect to our seniors (citizens) and affection to our juniors (children and youth), isn’t of us.”-          (Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) “He who has no music within himself is a man of hard heart, and the remotest of men from Allah is the hard heart.”-          Al-Hj Manlana Fazlul Karim, Al-Hadis (1st Ed; 1979) “Islam is a mansion of diverse rooms.”-          Milton Viorst, In The Shadow of the Prophet (2001)

No matter what the political enemies of Mayor Celso L. Lobregat say about the Mayor, the Mayor doesn’t react nor retaliate, of course, his retaliation is in the form of good service to the people in the forms of infrastructures, good governance, fiscal management and transparency, we are seeing these everyday.

Just a few days ago, we were witnessed to the turn-over of the Mercedes Barangay Hall, it’s now the pride of the residents of Mercedes. Let them talk about it.  Lately, the Mayor presented the City’s Assistance to the Police force: vehicles, radios, gasolines are just a few of the city government’s support to our men of the law. 

What about those projects the people are now enjoying its amenities: Paseo del Mar, Plaza Pilar, Plaza Pershing, the soon-to-be completed paseo at R.T. Lim Boulevard and one more the coming “Museo de Zamboanga” soon to be opened in October 2012.  I am not going into the detail of the Mayor’s governance and transparency as well as his fiscal management, even the critics know that. They are just ashamed to admit it.

Our previous column coined by our professional friends in the Muslim community as “the Muslim pretenders of Latter-Day Saints” is not an accolade but a title for them of scorn and dirision. These “band” of people, instead of bringing unity and solidarity are destroying the good relations in the community due to their “brand of Islam”. Anything that does not suit their whims and fancy is “Bida’a” (innovation), ushering the Muslims back to the 15th century or even earlier. They do not relish the idea that the Muslims could progress and move on for their well being in this 21st century. 

For example, without admitting, many Muslim families are still practicing their “family secrets” for fear of being branded by those Muslim “Latter-Day Saints” as “sirik”, the local version of “Shirk”(in Arabic). These “family secrets” such as: conversing with jinns, offering of dua’a pataas (dua’a on high) “kaja”, “pagpangkat”, “pagbangku” and many traditional practices are still in the “family’s chest” but these religious teachers are not told because they are fond of branding/labeling. One professional in turn, brand them as “Spiritual Hoodlums”. Because of their branding, they too are now “branded.” The families who are still “upholders” of these ancient practices are not anti- Islam, nor they have discarded their piety or righteousness, in fact, many of them are good Muslims, religious Muslims. So why brand them as “Sirik” (Shirk). They should be left to their beautiful tradition. After all, Allah is the sole Judge of who is right or wrong. 

After our urging at the Council of Culture, Arts and History (this writer is a member) meeting to pass an ordinance making “Zamboanga Hermosa” as the City’s Hymn, Councilor Rudy Lim, the Chair of the Committee on Education and Culture of the City Council had responded to our request. An ordinance is now submitted to the City Councilor for its consideration. I hope our Councilors will consider the merit of the proposal, and approve it as an ordinance to make “Zamboanga Hermosa” officially as the City’s Hymn. 

The ordinance which will mandate the singing of “Zamboanga Hermosa” during convocations, programs and even graduation rites after the singing of the national anthem is mandated by Executive Orders of the Mayors.  But what about if a new Mayor will be elected after Mayor Lobregat? I am sure the new Mayor will just discard the Executive Orders and goodbye “Zamboanga Hermosa.”  Nonetheless, if an ordinance is enacted it will not be that easy for any administration to discontinue the singing of Zamboanga’s Hymn. The “Zamboanga Hermosa”

By: Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Haj

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