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Mayor turned down proposal for crime prevention plan


A lot of crimes could have been prevented and many lives could have been saved from the hands of criminals had the mayor been interested to address the erratic and deteriorating peace and order situation in Zamboanga City.

It could be recalled that for the past several years shooting incidents in Mampang and in the city proper and other barangays have become rampant and unabated committed with impunity in broad daylight even infront of city hall and near police stations.

The local officials and law enforcers are always asking for public support and cooperation instead of just criticising the failures of the law enforcers and remain in a fence sitter.

This humble writer conscious of his obligation to the community who would like to share his modest knowledge and experience in crime prevention approached the mayor in 2 separate occasions sometime in 2011 suggesting and proposing to him for the preparation of a long range crime prevention plan.

This was followed by a written application to be a peace and order consultant with the salary of ONE PESO PER ANNUM.

The letter was personally handed to the mayor in his office by a government mediaman.

But up to the present no response was received which indicates that mayor is not concerned or interested to take action on the number one problem of the City which is “Peace and Order”.

The mayor turned down the proposal for the formulation of a crime prevention plan for Zamboanga City and sacrificed the lives of the residents.
If given the opportunity to be with the City Council and as promised by Nonong Jalosjos that this writer could head the peace and order committee as well as the Agriculture Committee if the Jalosjos Team become victorious in 2013 election.

The Number ONE problem of the city which is “Peace and Order” will be addressed immediately with the preparation of a long range crime prevention plan where the present and past local legislators have miserably failed to do.

Nonong Jalosjos is running for Mayor, Mercy Arquiza Fernandez for Vice-Mayor while Retired Col. Rex Miravite for Councilor under District II together with Nung Ajihil, John Dalipe, Leo Toribio, Jihan Edding, Susan delos Reyes, John David Corpin, Kim Elago and also 8 candidates for councilor under District I. Monsi dela Cruz and Mannix Dalipe are running for congress for District I and II, respectively.

By: Rex Miravite

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