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Thoughts to ponder on educational planning


Educational  planners, administrators, curriculum makers and even the parents and the community must share effort and to help the school decide what best for the development of the learners. We  have a lot of good programs and even projects which were not carried out effectively because of poor educational planning. And because of this resources   are wasted and the intended goals are not  achieve. Educational  planning does not entail that an administrator is intelligent enough but rather he is going to be a deep thinker and  critical decision maker who will pounder on the available needs, the strengths, opportunities, manpower resources and even linkages to plan for the best of the school.

Educational  Planning is an instrument for providing the needed coordination and direction of the different components of an educational system. It also ensures that wide  accepted long – term goals, such as universal primary education are approached more objectively. It  provides  realistic appraisal of the country’s resources (human, non- human  and instructional which is an important factor in the successful implementation of the plan. With thorough planning the school system  will be able to achieve its long term goals.
Yes, indeed an essential tool for ensuring that educational programs will contribute effectively to the attainment of quality education and the realization of its quest for making  every Filipino learner at par with other countries in terms of competencies and skills. All  of  which  are  possible  only  with  the  best  and  brilliant  educational  planners  who  will  devote  themselves  completely  to  the  educational  planning.

Most  of   what  is  being  introduced  and  implemented  in  the  fields  today   are   products  of  rush  decisions  that’s   why  they  do  not  end   up  successful . Just  like  the  Understanding  by  Design ( UBD ) Framework  which  was   first  implemented  for  the  secondary  schools  in  2010. Teachers   were  given  limited  training  and  there  was   no  available  instructional  materials  nor  references to  be  used. And  all  of  a sudden , it  was   ordered  that it  should  be   used. And  after  two   years , when  teachers  are  ready  and  prepared   for   it  all  of  a  sudden   it  was  abolished  and   teachers  were  made   to  accept  a  new   curriculum.

It  has   always   been  this  way  in  the  public  schools , everything  is   on  the  experimental  basis . Our  managers  and  planners  in  the  Central  Office  cannot  decide   on   what’s  best   for  the  majority  of   the  Filipino  students  and  yet  they  always  wanted   to   have  that  quality  education. I  believe  that  quality  teaching  and  learning  are  products   of   educational  planning. We  cannot expect  something  good  nor  excellent  out  of  an experimental  idea. To   ensure  that  the  plan  is  carried  out  effectively   those  who  are  in  the   field  must  be   consulted. And  always  teachers   who  are  directly  affected   are  not  consulted.

One  thing  more , there  should  be  an  intensive  monitoring  and  evaluation  of  the  educational   programs  to  identify   if  it’s  really   functional   or   not . An   assessment  of  the  real  status , problems  and   concerns  will   be  able   to  determine  what  must  be  done  next . Because  it  has  been  an  issue  for  a  long  time  that   programs  as  well  as  projects   once  implemented  are  left   behind  without  even  looking  into  its   development  and  contributions  to  the  present  educational  system. And  if  proven  effective   it  should  be   strengthened     and  supported  so  as  to  truly   foster  the  realization  of   the  education   department. Feedback  should  also  be   given   to  ensure   that   something   must   be   done  to  solve  the   problems.

The   efficiency   and  integrity  of   the  department  lies  in   the  plan    they  make   for   the  organization. If  we have   poor  quality  of  education  in  our  country it  only  means  that  we  have  to  invest  much   on  planning. Without  planning , we  might  not  be  able   to  deliver  quality  education  to  the  Filipino  learners  and  we  might  not  be  able   to   have  a  progressive  nation.

We  cannot  afford  to  plan  rushly  for  we  have  already  a  lot  of  unsolved  issues   and  these  things  are  in  a  way  a  reflection  of  our  state  of  education , in  turn  the  state  of  education that  we  have  tells  us  what  kind   of  educational  planners  we  have. And  if  we   have  weak   educational   planners , the   entire  educational  system  will   collapse. The  entire  Filipino  learners  will  no  longer  have  the  chance  to  compete  globally  and   the  chance  of  liberating  oneself  from  ignorance  will  forever  be   a  dream. Much  is  at  stake   with  educational  planning , that’s  why as  future  educators  it’s  best  that  we  should   have  a  strong  foundation  on  educational   planning  and   be  ready  to  make   a  difference.

By Rosemarie  P. Gontinas

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