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Water scarcity increasing shortages are serious concerns


While the world is focused on energy crisis and oil.

Water the most precious resource vital  to life and economic prosperity must be given  a complete focus as to its conservation and prudent utilization.
Water is predicted to be the next scarce resource, countries will go to war and fight over.

Water is fast becoming our most precious but most wasted resource, widespread misuse, water pollution and overpopulation are some of the urgent issues that calls for immediate attention. The increasing pressure of climate change , massive population growth, urbanization,pollution put pressure on our finite resource.

A different sectoral responsibilities and interest on a pro active water management and conservation is paramount in this engagement.

A genuine participation especially from the business sector with a clear perspective in managing and sustaining the water scarcity issue and sustaining this finite resource for the future generation is in order.

A genuine representative from the business sector underscore why better water resource management  is important for economic development of the city.

Proactive  and sustainable management of Zamboanga City water resources  and proper utilization of its limited resources in investing  in water conservation is crucial. Water security is in peril, poverty reduction and economic growth will not be sustainable.

Water development and management must be based on a genuine multi stakeholders engagement, their involvement as users,planners and policy makers at all levels are encouraged for a more transparent, accountable and genuine participative policy decision making that  will redound for the greater good most especially the water consumers of Zamboanga City.

By Gary B. Paloma, ZCCIFI Executive Director

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