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DAY TWO, FRESH CELL INJECTIONS -- We woke up early, as breakfast was ready by 7 a.m., although it was still dark outside. A lady nurse came in and took Beth's temperature. The previous night, before sleeping, Beth was given by the lady nurse an anti-histamine anti-allergy pill, which was to forestall any allergy reaction to the fresh cell injections, scheduled about 11 a.m. Friday, on Day 2.  When she woke up, Beth was complaining of her usual neck pains and upper shoulder spasms that had been normal occurrences over some time. This daily pain she would merely nurse by hot compress and avoiding analgesics and concerned that painkillers would worsen her kidney conditions. This was almost a daily recurrence back home in Davao for some time now.

Adjusting to a 7-hour time difference was still problematic. It meant going to bed here at Edenkoben at 8 pm when our body clock told us it's 3 a.m. in the morning back home. So when we woke up at 7 a.m., in Edenkoben, it was already 2 pm in the afternoon Philippine time.

We had breakfast at the dining hall at the ground floor. Beth was clearly anxious and a bit nervous I could tell.  The German couple was still seated at the next table to ours. Then we returned to our rooms to prepare for the stem cell injections. At that same moment, I was estimating that the 18- week pregnant " Black Mountain" sheep must be undergoing the procedures too somewhere downstairs. As earlier told by Sammy, the VM rep who met us at the Frankfurt airport, the specially chosen pregnant sheep would be slaughtered about that time.   I   was informed that the German government monitored and closely supervised the procedures according to standards that the German government strictly required on stem cell treatment (something our Philippine government must now start looking into with the onset of stem cell treatment by our Philippine medical institutions.)

At 1030 a.m., and back in our room, Beth was given a "relaxant"      (Valium) to ease up prior to the treatment. The injections were to be done inside Room 19 where we were billeted. Then another shot of an anti allergy serum was administered.

By 1130 a.m., the doctors came, one of them the Filipino doctor, Dr. Morato. He was in a green operating room gown as with the rest. Beth in her bed was asked to lie on her stomach while her buttocks were first sterilized and applied with disinfectants. She was advised to remain still and not even to talk while the procedure was being done. Then the injections started.   Nine syringe injections in a row of fresh stem cells. It took only about 2 minutes and it was over. Then the injected area was covered with a big plaster. A nurse assistant kept asking: " How do you feel? " I would hear Beth say, "okay" every time   it was no big deal. It was over before we realized it. She was allowed to turn around and lie on her back and told to stay in bed and not to get up. For the next 30 hours or so, she was supposed to stay in bed. She would be allowed to get up with the minimum movements only when taking her dinner which was served in the room and when going to the bathroom.

The   close observations followed. From time to time, the nurse would look at the injected area for telltale signs of allergy reactions or unusual appearances or body reactions.  There were none.

Then after a while Dr.Morato came back to inject, with one syringe, fresh stem cells at Beth's neck portion due to her persistent complaint about neck and shoulder pains.  "That would take care of those pains, hopefully," Dr. Morato re- assuringly told Beth.

The stem cells that were injected in the neck area, I gathered were taken from the neck cartilage of the unborn sheep fetus. That neck injection was a special treatment that was not included in the original package.

Then the extended rest period begun. She would not be allowed to leave the room. Beth stayed in bed the rest of the day, allowed to get up only to go to the bathroom or take the meal that was delivered inside the room. Due to the Valium pill she took before the injections, she was resting well by the sound of her snore and breathing. This went on for the rest of the day until evening. She woke up middle of the night, asked what time it was and then slipped back to sleep.

The temperature outside was chilly. At one time, she rose and sat on a lounging chair and read a few pages from the book of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile' s MEMOIRS that she bought for me while still in Manila. Then she would fall asleep again.

The waiting for the results of the treatment thus begun.

We were told earlier that although kidney treatments from fresh cell therapy were not  "one hundred percent sure" to cure her ailing kidneys,   , the fresh cell treatment from  the fetus of the lamb could act as "catalysts" or triggers to Beth's own stem cells to reproduce and do repair  work on the affected organ if developments were favorable. This expected "regeneration phase" is experienced from the 3rd or 4th week to 4 or 6 months after the injections.

But an immediate experience of "short- term vitality  and improvement  in the overall condition of the "guests" were  to be expected during the post injection period. An "immune-biological reaction" is expected on some guests around  2 weeks after the treatment. This may come in the form of slight fatigue or "emotional aggravation" for some guests.

The so-called "regeneration phase" of the organs may be experienced from as early as the 3rd week up to 6 months after the treatment. During this period, health improvement and increased stamina will be noted. The person injected will experience “uplifted spirits" with perceptible skin improvement due to increased blood supply to the skin. However these  outcomes will depend so much on the persons' lifestyle, diet, environment and other associated ailments. Finally, guests who wish to get  more treatments must wait for  the lapse of 5 months from the last injection before they will be allowed another round of injections.

Beth was so sound asleep that whole night that I wondered what it would be when she would wake up the morning after. The room was chilly I fell  asleep wondering what it would be next morning.


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