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Highlighting Great Efforts of Mindanao Peace Weavers on the Peace Process


Highlighting Great Efforts of Mindanao Peace Weavers on the Peace Process

The Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace (IRSMP) and other members of the Zamboanga Basilan Integrated Development Alliance (ZABIDA), both Zamboanga City and Basilan Province still in the atmosphere of the Mindanao Wide Celebration of the Week of Peace actively participated in the Forum Discussion on the Updates of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

After the Mindanao Peace Forum: Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro last November 24, 012 as part of the Mindanao Week of Peace, the Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace joined the other member consortium network of the Mindanao Peace Weavers in its General Assembly held at the Bishop Ulama Conference Building, Matina, Davao City last December 3-5, 2012.

Various members of the Mindanao Peace Weavers and partner institutions joined the said gathering.


Undersecretary of the Office of the Political Advisor of the GPH Panel and Technical Working Group  Atty. Jose Luis  Martin Gascon presented the Philippine Government  on the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB)  in lieu of the Senior GPH Panel member Mirriam Colonel-Ferrer.  The presentation revealed various provisions of the FAB to include- power and wealth sharing, territory, governance, normalization, transition commission and others.

“The Transition Commission will be the body to assist on the Framework Agreement”. It will be the body to assist in the implementation of the Annexes and contents of the FAB.

Make it inclusive as possible involving all stakeholders involved in the process. “Sali Kame sa Peace Talks!”-  theme of the gathering.

TRANSCOM to draft the Bangsamoro Law and be enacted by the next Congress, both members of the two houses, Representatives and Senate. It must be passed in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. TRANSCOM to be effective must be issued through an Executive Order by the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Challenges includes the Unity of the Bangsamoro to include the Moro National Liberation Front, Traditional Politicians and Other Armed Groups, transformation of an armed movement into a socio-political organization, long gestation of economic development and fiscal self-reliance, minorities within the minorities, nature of the legislative process and continuity onto the next administration.

An Open Forum was held to answer the similar questions in various fora to include a clarification on the term Asymmetrical Relationship, coverage of territory and process of plebiscite. The Bangsamoro will not be treated in the same way as how the other Local Government Unit does.

Bring all social services to the communities. Coordinate with the TRANSCOM as they are mandated by the National, Local and ARMM. There is consciousness on the part of the Government to be sensitive with the issues of representation of sectors in the TRANSCOM.


Mr. Jun Mantawil, MILF Central Committee Member and Head of the Secretariat of the Panel and Atty. Raisa Jajurie-Alim, MILF Peace Panel Board of Consultant served as Speakers. Since the creation of the MILF since 1970, the MILF hopes that after the signing of the agreement, MILF will have a new life. MILF is present as a manifestation that they want peace.

“The quest for freedom of the Moro started since colonial days” shared Mr. Mantawil.  Peace had been offered to the MILF leadership by the Government and MILF Leaders accepted to give peace a Chance.

“No Minority and No Majority but One Nation-Bangsamoro Nation” added by Datu Jun. Moreover, such exhortation is filled with much positivism that the document will be complete within the present administration. The best alternative is the document on the FAB which is a product of the many consultations that will compromise for a lasting peace in the area of Mindanao.

Several questions were emotionally answered by the Legal Consultant of the MILF and Head of the Secretariat in the Open Forum Proper.

MPW Lead Convener, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF shared recent developments in support to the Framework Agreement highlighting the recognition presented by the IRSMP and PAZ in the Peace Weavers Awards Night last December 2, 2012 at Claret School of Zamboanga City.

Both the Government of the Philippines and Moro Islamic Liberation Front received the Prestigious Peace Weaver Award in line with the celebration of the Mindanao Week of Peace. He also urged to let the people be engaged in the peace process.

The MPW will eventually be taking another big role in facilitating strong mechanisms for a sustained engagement for peace.

Aldrin Bucoy Abdurahim

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