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The wrath and fury of ‘Pablo’


Typhoon Pablo, the latest weather disturbance to hit the country is barely days away and the horror of its aftermath of destruction is just unfolding.

Reports indicate the death toll is likely to breach 300 as its devastation of a large portion of Mindanao and the Visayas is becoming more brutal than that of ‘Sendong’ which wrought much havoc here at around this time of the year a couple of years ago.

God bless us that in Zamboanga, the effects were not that calamitous as it was elsewhere but all the same dumped much rainfall Tuesday afternoon prompting authorities to call off classes in the city.

December traditionally brings fair weather in our country with cold mornings as the only aberration from most ordinary fair weather months.

But of late, typhoons it appears don’t pick when they strike and have intruded into calm weather months’ territory such as December, Christmas time.

It doubles the pain and anguish it causes, as Christmas is usually time of rejoicing with family and friends coming together in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Disasters intruding into the season of joy totally ruins the festive atmosphere that Christmas time usually brings.

Mother nature has once again reared its angry head and spat out destructively to warn mankind of the continuing degradation of the environment.
Its grim reminders are getting more and more destructive and harmful as if to it is pushing home a point.

Hard hit areas such as Davao and the Compostela Valley are known to be logging and mining areas where trees are being felled as if there is no tomorrow while backyard gold panning and illegal mining operations are said to be proliferating in the ComVal area.

We commiserate with the victims of the typhoon Pablo aftermath, while at the same time pray our thanksgiving that Zamboanga City was spared from its wrath.
This Xmas, we are again reminded to share our blessings with the less fortunate ones, this time the victims of Typhoon Pablo.

So instead of thinking about buying the latest smart phones, I pods, cameras, handbags, shoes, dress and eating and drinking ourselves to a stupor, let us fork out and share to the victims of this latest natural disaster.

Christmas is afterall the season of giving!

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