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Fruits of peace


Information dissemination and consultation over the Framework Agreement on the proposed Bangsamoro land continue to generate interest among stakeholders in the erstwhile conflict areas in Central Mindanao and the island provinces of Basilan and Sulu. But the enthusiasm is not only confined in these erstwhile unstable regions the neighboring regions have shown positive reaction on the prospects of finally settling the decades-old problem that beset the vastly Muslim-occupied region in the country.

Regional Peace and Order Region XI Chairman Rodolfo del Rosario who is also governor of Davao del Norte expressed satisfaction over the presentation made by the government and the MILF panels on the nitty-gritties of the Framework Agreement. The governor suggests that there ought to be more in-depth  information and presentations to be made down to the barangay level especially in places where tensions still exist. He said that uncertainties over what the FA will bring are being addressed in no uncertain terms by the presentation.

The road to peace is long and winding but much of the obstacles to finally reach the goal had been removed. There will be attempts to ambush the peace weavers along the way but with the overwhelming support that the FA is getting not only among the negotiators but also from the general public and other stakeholders, such exercise to derail the peace efforts will surely be met with condemnation.

Presently the climate of peace has prevailed in the region where armed clashes displaced Muslims, Christians and Lumads alike. The road networks are open to commuters again. Commerce and trade have come alive. Farmers have returned to their farms and tilled the lands once soaked in blood of protagonists. Soon they will start to harvest the fruits of peace.


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