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Is it Beng or Erbie this May?


They used to be a united force, and now we find ourselves having to make a crucial decision in choosing between our two incumbent Congressional District Representatives, Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar, and Erico Basilio Fabian.  One of them is to be Chief Executive of Zamboanga City.

First, they may likely be finding themselves to be fitting on a big man’s pair of shoes, as he or she takes on the mayoralty post from Mayor Celso Lobregat.  Or, would Erbie feel so? Would Beng? Mayor Lobregat is serving the city for a full 9-year period, and is soon leaving behind innumerable development projects across a majority of the 98 communities in Zamboanga City. Either mayoralty candidate could probably work on where the Mayor has left spaces—areas that his detractors have scrutinized and steadfastly kept an eye on. How does Beng, or Erbie,  intend to work on pushing Zamboanga steps beyond where it is now, where it has been for quite a time as well?

Second, election records prove that neither the camps of the two candidates—once active broadcast journalists—have ever resorted to dirty ploys and manipulative tactics, and have always bagged an electoral victory without question.  Citizens do not expect any sort of violence, brawls or otherwise, in the coming elections. But would third parties resort to this kind of nefariousness if only to mar the elections and stain anew the city’s image?

Third, under the leadership of the next mayor, will we see cleaner streets, hear of lower or zero crime rates, learn of booming tourism growth, and an economically-improving Zamboanga? Will the present pressing issues be addressed?

Fourth, will the new Mayor be as people-oriented as he or she has been at the start of their career as public servants?  Wouldn’t time, social influence, and power change either Erbie or Beng?

I just ask.  (La Chica Viajera, for Zamboanga Today)

By Frencie Carreon

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