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The unit is as good only as the commander


In the military and police organizations good performance of units depends on how the commander runs the unit.

There are no such thing as ineffective police or military units.

Its effectiveness depends on how the commander utilizes its resources to the maximum in terms of manpower, firepower and logistical capabilities.

But foremost is the ability of the commander to properly employ, deploy and supervise his unit based on his wealth of experiences in the field of combat or law enforcement and maintenance of peace and order with appropriate planning.

There are commanders due to lack of sufficient experience in the field depends solely on the support and cooperation of the people and at times issue statement tantamount to blaming the civilians for their failure to attain maximum efficiency in the performance of their law enforcement functions.

There are commanders who publicly admit that they are not capable of doing their job without the support and cooperation of the civilians.

This statement earns the ire of the taxpayers and any public servant who is not capable of doing his job must resign.

As public servant show first that you are capable of doing your work before you expect the people to support and cooperate with you.

Civilian support and cooperation is purely voluntary and you cannot demand for it.

However, if the civilians feel that the authorities are really doing their job the best they can with sincerity, dedication and commitment led by an efficient, knowledgeable and experienced commander the taxpayers will extend their full support and cooperation even without asking for it because the citizens are aware of their obligation to the community and to their country.

Therefore the effectiveness of the unit depends on the commander because “The unit is as good only as the commander” either in the military or the police.

By Rex Miravite

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