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Law enforcement agencies lack coordination on helmet law


The public is confused on the different versions of the Helmet Law by law enforcement agencies.

The mandated type of helmet to be used by motorcycle riders is the full-faced type helmet.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issues ICC sticker to all helmets as the one authorized.

The LTO implements on the ground. The PNP needs deputization by the LTO to assist in the enforcement.

It is sad to note that instead of enforcing the law uniformly as provided by law some enforcement agencies are giving different versions that confused the people.

One law enforcement agency proposes for the use of full faced helmet only in the highways and no helmet maybe allowed in the city proper or urban center.

Other law enforcement agencies are even encouraging LGUs to come out with local ordinances as to what type of helmet they prefer which aggravates public confusion.

Let us be reminded that a national law needs uniform nationwide implementation and no local ordinance can be passed to alter or amend any portion of the provisions of the national law.

Let us be firm and consistent of giving correct orientation to our people about the coverage of the national law instead of giving confusing opinions that lead to public confusion that erodes public confidence on the legality of our national laws.

Coordination among law enforcement agencies from the national level, regional and local levels must be observed and complied with as provided by an Executive Order as early as 1980’s for the creation of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee that coordinates the efforts of all law enforcement agencies in their day to day law enforcement campaign.

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