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Agri-Capehan beneficial to farmers and students


The Exotic Fruit Growers Association will continue to conduct information campaign thru the holding of Agri-Capehan program in Barangays and in high school and elementary campuses.

The purpose of which is to share to farmers and students the better if not the best practices in crops and exotic fruits planting inorder to maximize productivity.

Proper ground preparation is of basic importance in any agricultural activity.

Fruit trees can bear fruits in five years instead of ten years with proper planting and caring in early stage.

The target audience are not only farmers but students who are responsive to change in the field of agriculture.

It was observed that some farmers are resistant to change and they stick to obsolete practices they learned thru the years.

The better practices in agriculture that the association intends to share are proven thru actual experimentation.

Retired Col. Rex Miravite is the President of the Exotic Fruit Growers Association in Zamboanga City has a mini-exotic fruit farm in Buenagatas, Boalan consists of Langkong Lansones (Bangkok variety), Durian of different varieties, mangosteen and rambutan (Rong Reins Variety) which are fruit bearing and producing abundantly during good seasons.

Mr. Ric Marmoleño, the Vice-President has also different exotic fruit trees in Puso, Manicahan and could be producing in few years.

The agri-capehan is coordinated with barangay officials and government school authorities with the end in view of making Zamboanga “A City of Exotic Fruits”.

By Rex Miravite

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