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The more intimate we become with God the more we are able to trust Him


The Bible tells us that in this life we will have tribulation. Our failures and our hurts can be a key to discovering who God wants us to be. Trauma, grief, and crisis can be a launching pads that move from one level of personal spiritual growth to another. That does not mean we need to seek out trauma, grief and crisis.

The challenge we face is in how we respond to those times. Charles Stanley, in his message-”The Purifying Power of Pain”, asked: Will we turn to God? Will we allow God to minister to our need? Will we trust Him and let Him use those difficult circumstances to create growth in us? Will we be open to the changes He wants to make in our lives?

God’s part is to initiate a closer relationship with us. Our part is to choose today to turn to God. Choose to respond correctly to God’s initiative. If we don’t choose to respond to God and instead choose to turn to drugs, crime, or some other means of reacting, there’s nothing that God will do to override the willful negative response. It’s when we willfully turn away from God or seek solution in other places that God cannot break through to us.
Our response must always be toward God, not away from Him. Choose today to turn to God. Choose to turn to His Word. We have to trust God to reveal to us His answers through His Word. We’ll always learn something new. We’ll always have fresh insight to ponder and digest. We’ll have a strong sense that God is continually at work transforming more and more of our lives into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is important as we turn to God’s Word that we turn to the whole of God’s Word. Many times people want something so desperately that they go to the Bible and find one or two verses that convince them that it is God’s will that they have that thing, and then in their own words, they stand on that they have that thing, and then in their own words, they stand on those verses. For Christians, that is not a true exercise of faith.

It is vitally important for us to realize that a continuing or lingering emotional pain is a signal to us from the Lord. It is a message that He wants to do something in our lives-that He is not content for us to carry that weight in our hearts any longer, Emotional pain can and must, be seen as an initiative from God that will draw us to Him so that He may heal us.

The more intimate we become with God, the more we are able to trust  Him.


(Note: Last part to be continued on tomorrow’s issue.)

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