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Inanities, rather than substance, in Comelec


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans…” (Proverbs 16:3, the Holy Bible).

INANITIES, RATHER THAN SUBSTANCE: It’s a typical Sixto Brillantes Jr. The reaction, I mean, that he gave to the motion with the Supreme Court of 1 ANG BATAS Party List to postpone the elections for party list groups from May to October 2013, is typical of him—condescending and insulting, for lack of logical arguments to back him up.

Imagine, 1 ANG BATAS raised factual and legal issues in asking the high court to reset the election for party list groups—that is, that the review of the party list qualifications’ as ordered by the tribunal may take time, and that the same order of the Supreme Court will require the application of the Constitutional provision on equal protection of the laws so all party list groups could be evaluated on the basis of the new Supreme Court guidelines—and yet he has chosen to deal with inanities rather than on substance.

Why, what did Brillantes, as chairman of the Commission on Elections, say to the petition of 1 ANG BATAS? He said, as quoted by the media: 1 ANG BATAS “might just be exploring the possibility of reversing its disqualification by the Comelec. If it will be postponed and there will be a review, they may be thinking that they will have a chance to participate in the elections…”

ACCREDITATION FOR SEVERAL MILLION REASONS: With due respect to Brillantes, 1 ANG BATAS is, of course, exploring the possibility that it may still participate in the elections, notwithstanding that it was disqualified by the Comelec earlier. 1 ANG BATAS believes that if the Comelec allowed other party list groups which are not really qualified to become party list candidates, or other nominees which are not really marginalized, 1 ANG BATAS should also be accredited.

The fact is that, the Comelec merely closed its eyes to the overwhelming evidence showing the track of record of the people behind 1 ANG BATAS as a party list group, and the qualification of its nominees to represent the sectors whose causes it is espousing, that of the professional and urban poor sectors. For what reason did the Comelec do this? You can make your guess, but, certainly, 1 ANG BATAS did not have the capacity to deal with those who were saying it could be accredited for several million reasons.

Even now, if you look around the country, you can see that there are many party list groups that the Comelec accredited which cannot even show anything to prove that they have done something for the poor and the marginalized and the underrepresented. How come these groups were accredited while 1 ANG BATAS, whose core group already won as a party list in 2007, winning two seats, was not? Brillantes could very well answer this truthfully.

MAN PROPOSES, GOD DISPOSES: And, unless Brillantes has forgotten, the issue of whether or a party list group that the Comelec disqualified earlier—like 1 ANG BATAS—could still participate lies with the Supreme Court, where petitions are still pending questioning the poll body’s decision to disqualify those groups.

And, unless Brillantes has forgotten, the fact is that the accreditation of 1 ANG BATAS as a party list group is still under consideration by the Supreme Court, and that, like in the case of the 52 party list groups that the tribunal tossed back to the poll body for a determination of their qualifications pursuant to the guidelines that had been put in place and which had been ordered to be used henceforth, the case of 1 ANG BATAS is still going to go through the same process.

With due respect to Brillantes as the chairman of Comelec, the reversal that he suffered in the hands of the Supreme Court over his denial of accreditation to the 52 party list groups may yet overtake him in the case of 1 ANG BATAS. Indeed, 1 ANG BATAS believes that “man proposes, but only God disposes”, as the Bible said in Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

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By Atty. Batas Mauricio

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